Friday, September 19, 2008

So much change.

Little things bring so much change sometimes. Getting our puppy, well, was a bigger change then I think either of us originally thought. But, truly a joy. Any mothers out there, I guarantee will laugh at this post. Because, well, your job is 100 times harder then mine, I realize this. But, hey...that's why I don't have children of my own yet, right?

Mac is my little bundle of joy. I never thought I could feel this much love for an animal. I grew up with dogs...they never liked me, because Susan was always the favorite. Heck, I don't blame them, Susan is awesome. But, because of that, I never got too attached to the dogs I grew up with. Bella was my only attachment. She was my "rescue" dog. Yea, I still paid $500 bucks for her and got her from the tanning salon owners daughter. Rescue, ok? She was mine. I felt the kind of love for her that I feel for my little Mac. With me being in college, I couldn't take care of her, and neither could my parents who had two dogs at the time-so Bella got a new home with a wonderful family (and is still doing excellent by the way!).

I loved her. I love my Mac. He has grown leaps and bounds in the last month and a half. I am shocked at his loyalty to us already. He is so obedient. He knows his name SO well and comes whenever you call him. He is definitely a momma's boy. He follows me everywhere! Every day he is learning something new, discovering something, getting into something. He is perfectly content chewing on a bone for hours. He is truly getting the "potty" thing. Yes, we have accidents, but he is only 4 months and it's to be expected. He loves to take walks, and his favorite place to walk is on the little slanted concrete pads that line the street, he walks on them as if he's a tightrope walker. With the nice weather, the windows have been open, and Mac is hearing all sorts of new things. His new thing is to climb over all the pillows on the sofa, and perch himself up there listening to all the sounds. He often growls or lets out little "fierce" sounds to scare away whatever or whoever it is. He is not my small little puppy anymore. He is growing leaps and bounds. It sometimes is hard to realize how fast they grow when you see them every day, but others notice it more then me. Sometimes I look back at our pictures when we first got him just to prove he really is growing and getting big. Being this sentimental with a puppy means that I'm doomed when I have children, right? I will be posting sappy "I can't believe they're growing up!" blogs..and everyone will be gagging themselves. I'm getting it all out of the way with Mac. Ha, right.

Well, my little Mr. Mac, I just love him. Mac...if you could read, you'd appreciate how much I love you. Until then, you stare at me with such a cute look, I know that you know it anyway.

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  1. ok this is precious... the pictures are absolutely darling. i love you so much my beautiful sister. can't wait till we're reunited again. give mac a big kiss from aunt sue.