Tuesday, October 21, 2008

good turned bad, a day in the life of me.

So I decided to teach 1st graders how to draw cats. It's a cute project, and all 1st graders, boys and girls alike love cats. Although I dread the animals (sorry, dog person here) I figured-what the heck. So anyway, with my younger grades I tend to find a good book that goes a long with the subject and open it up that way. I read them a cute little tale about house cats. As normal, a ton of hands go up to tell me every cat story known to man. Any teacher knows that if I let them all tell their stories, we'd be there foreverrrr and we wouldn't ever get any work done. A few stories squeak in here and there, but today one of the ones that came out took a sour note.

The cutest little girl with the tiniest little voice pipes up...

"I have a kitty....

....but I don't have her anymore...

My kitty died. (the tears start coming)

My kitty got ranned over one day by a car in the street." (tears, tears, tears)

The next thing you know, five other hands shoot up with DEATH stories of kitties! I felt so terrible for the little girl, and I told her I was sad for her and that I didn't want to hear the stories about dying kitties because it makes me sad (although...secretly...nahh...i won't even say it), and we moved on.

I thought talking about cute little fluffy kitties would be a purrfect (ha ha i crack myself up) idea.

As always, you can never fully plan for anything as a teacher.

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