Monday, October 27, 2008

If it were their only christmas card...

Today we made cards to send to our wonderful Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have to send them by tomorrow to make it in time for the holidays. I had to explain to the kids that this card they make may be the ONLY thing they get at Christmas this year, so put a smile on their face. They were really sweet about it* for the most part. Most kids drew santa, and presents, a christmas tree, etc....and then one girl drew this.

I am glad she remembered the real meaning of Christmas, aren't you? Although, the fact that Joseph is standing on baby Jesus' head is slightly disturbing. :-) From an art teacher standpoint, shows me that she doesn't quite get the "overlapping" thing yet.

This is an example of the inside of the letters
Truely from the heart, wouldn't you say?

*Like I said, MOST students wrote sweet things. One student, however (there's always one!) wrote this:
"Dear Troop, Sorry you are missing Christmas because you won't get presents. I love Christmas it's the best and I get soooooooooo many presents. You're missing it."
Needless to say, it's on my desk and not in the 'box' being sent overseas.

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