Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Migraine, flat tire, wind, rain, and appreciation.

This morning was an early morning at school. We have those once a week in lieu of in-service days. So, I went to school an hour early. I did my work...and then it hit me. A migraine like no other. My body started getting achey, and I couldn't imagine staying there all day feeling like that. Maybe if I had a desk job, something where I could sit, zone off a computer...maybe....but teaching 140 kids today? Wasn't gonna happen feeling like this.

So, I went down to the office and asked if I could get a sub...they are sweet as pie, and said they'd try their best. They called my room a few minutes later. Our dear secretary says, " is on the way! Go home. Get well."

I gather my things together and head out the door, getting wind blown, tossed every which way, and shot all over my body with pellets of rain. I get to my car, and I see my passenger rear tire is almost flat. Just awesome. Did I happen to mention that just one day ago we took Declan's car to get his flat tire fixed? Yea, it was a nail, that went through the lining, thus resulting in an entire new tire purchase, not just the $9.50 repair. So, when I see my flat tire, my heart sinks. Great, another $150 bucks.

I call Declan and he says to just fill it with air until he can help me deal with it, since I wasn't feeling too hot. I go to the nearest gas station with air, and it takes .75 in quarters only. I manage to scrounge up 2 quarters. I need 3. I literally look in every nook and cranny, of course I can't find one. I then decide to just go gut it out at Wal-mart tire center and see if it will be quick, this way I will have a workable car for the rest of the week. Luckily, they were so nice to me, and at 9:04am they aren't very busy. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes, played some mindless solitaire on my cell phone while I waited, and did I mention what they found in my tire? Let me just say THANK YOU TO THE CONSTRUCTION WE LIVE IN (i need to give you the props you deserve)...because, they found a SCREW in my tire. I feel very blessed, however, to have left there only paying $10.04 to have my tire repaired, because it did not go through the inner lining. Thank God!

The rest of my day has consisted of fighting this migraine which really has never left the inner parts of my right brain, behind my eye. I have heard the wind whistling outside like nothing I've ever heard before, the sky is eerie and dark, the rain is strong, it hurts your skin. My poor puppy goes 4 inches from the door to pee, and runs back in as quick as he can, in hopes of not blowing away. I have my vanilla candle burning, my heat set to 72, a fleece blanket around me and my pillows from my bed. Mac is cuddled up on the couch with me snoozing, I just watched the most moving Oprah show, and I'm appreciating this day for what it is.

Love, love, love...

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  1. so wish i could have curled up with you on the couch to watch oprah. especially on a rainy day! nothing better! sorry about the migraine. hope you're feeling better today! love you!