Saturday, October 4, 2008

New flare in the humble abode

Our house has been fairly "settled", since, well....basically the first week we moved in. I am one of those cannot-live-half-done kind of people. I need it ALL finished. But, obviously, there are always little odds and ends you think, maybe you'll come across and find sometime. (Our kitchen table happens to be one of those things...we are having no luck, none at all.) We have been looking for some sort of bench/storage for in our main foyer. I haven't quite found "the one" with all the searching we've been doing. Last Sunday we went to a new store in our area, Christmas Tree Shops (rockin' store for those who've never been). They had a bench, what I thought was THE perfect bench. For some reason, I sort of shook my head no, and told Declan we'd come back for it later. I have no idea why. WHY did I do that? No clue. I guess I was in some weird frame of mind that day, although it was PERFECT. Or so I thought.

We went back tonight to get it.

It was gone. Sold out. Vanished.

I was SO bummed. Declan got a little upset because we tend to always say, "We'll come back and get it", and things aren't there. I have to admit, I even shed a tear in the isle, and Declan had to give me a hug of reassurance that it would be ok. I WANTED THAT BENCH, gosh darn it.

There was another bench, though. Bigger then the one we originally wanted. Looking at it, and thinking of the space it had to go in, I thought it was too big. We decided we'd purchase, and if it didn't work, we'd just return it. Excellent idea and we weren't going home empty handed. Yep.

I think God does work things out. Because truly, the first bench would have been way-too-tiny. This one is perfect for the space. So, things do work out for the best.

The bench came with an awful tan canvas cushion, so I decided I'd fancy it up and get some fabric I was a fan of at Jo'Anns and cover it. I think the whole thing looks devine. What do ya say?


  1. I love it! It's super cute and goes great with the tree painting(?) above it!!!

  2. it's perfect! way to be crafty and re-cover it! i'm bringing home tons of chitenge material so we'll have lots of sewing projects when i get back. :)