Thursday, October 16, 2008


My nephew, Jayden is one today. Last year, on this day, I was waiting excitedly to meet the little guy (or big guy...9lbs!). I had spent a lot of the day with Lyryn until they had to wheel her into get her c-section. When I walked into the room to see him for the first time, Lyryn wanted to make sure to tell me how big he was (since this was a hot topic of conversation for us in the few weeks leading up to his birth). She also wanted my assurance just how cute he was. Which, he was, and is...still cute as a button.

So, I have written many a blog about my sweet nephew (because, well, I'm just so darn proud!) I'll leave this plain and simply...I love you so much Jayden, and Happy FIRST birthday big boy. Your aunt Katie ADORES you, and you know that.

Seriously? This face is to die for.

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  1. Ha! He loves you too!!
    I love the pictures of him and you!
    Love you!