Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things they don't teach you in college

They don't teach you in college that you will hear this from students:
"Hey Mrs. B, guess what? My big left toe has a huge hang's soooo gross. My parents had to prop it up in my shoe with two huge cotton balls."

Cool, buddy. Thanks for sharing.

They don't teach you in school that the wonderful, well thought out behavior plan you have set in place that should work just beautifully...doesn't always work. Shockingly, the behavior plan you made up on a WHIM works like magic and the children were angels. Hmmmm. No joke...I had two of my BEST classes today, who are normally my worse. I didn't know how else to reward them for such amazing, not-even-kidding-because-I-have-high-standards- behavior...and so next class I am letting them pick their seats, in 2nd grade!! This is unheard of, especially for me. You know they were good.

They also don't teach you how to handle when you see a gazillion students and their parents when you're trying to do a super quick grocery trip to Wal-Mart after school. I'm so thrilled (insert sarcasm) that my students can say to me, "Mrs., how was that (insert food item here) last night? ha ha...because I SAW YOU AT WAL MART!!". Really? You saw me? Nahhhh.

Oh and, no one ever told me just how cool having the toilet overflow in the boys bathroom is to third grade boys. This morning as I'm enjoying my only 30 minutes of sort of silence throughout the day (aka my "prep" time)...the students are going past my room to the office/bathroom/school store/roaming the hallway, and I get to hear the conversations, in great detail. Because, well, my desk is strategically hidden when looking from the hallway into my room. If only they knew what I hear. However, this morning's "buzz" during my small piece of quiet time (aka my "prep") was all about this super awesome overflowing toilet in the boys bathroom, and boys were taking field trips down to see it. Awesome. I knew this problem couldn't be ignored, so I slowly make my way out in the hallway (slowly, because, well...this is MY time people) to make sure the wonderful custodian, Miss Peg had heard about the fiasco. Indeed, she did. Wonderful.

I was never taught in college just how incredibly amusing, exhausting, unpredictable, wild and wonderful this job could be. Sometimes, I can't even believe I do this everyday, in both respects...that I literally can't believe I have the energy to do this every single day, and that I am lucky enough to be part of the "village" it takes to raise a child, errr...950 of them.

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