Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was an eventful day of school for this art teacher.

My first class of the day came in quite hyper for the wee hours of the morning (9am that is). Normally, they are pretty quiet. It made me semi-dread the fact that I had yet another 4th grade class in an hour and a half. Well, as I was waiting for that second class of 4th graders I had that morning, the health teacher walks by and says...."are you one of the lucky ones who doesn't have that 4th grade today?"

I am puzzled and confused. "Whaaa?"

" didn't know that both ____'s and ____'s class are at the museum today? You don't have class."

I SWORE he was playing a joke on me, he is that kind of guy. But really....he was telling the truth. The Lord heard my prayer, okay...I didn't actually pray, I sort of sighed in anticipation of that class, and so he gave me a break. yay!

Next happening of the day was my eventful kindergarten class. The kids color on placemats so they don't get crayon, marker and whatever else we're using on the tables. Well this one sweet boy started coloring by accident on the placemat. I gently reminded him to make sure to color on the paper and not the placement, it's there just in case you miss. So, minutes later I go by and see his head down on the table and he is sobbing...not only sobbing, but gooshing snot from his nose is running all over his artwork. wonderful. So, I kneel down and ask him what's wrong, and I literally cannot tell what he is saying, because he is cry-ing-like-this-an-d-n-ot-breath-ing-nice-deep-bre-aths-but-ver-ry-ver-ry-short-bre-aths. He is practically hyperventilating. I grab his hand and walk him over to my desk, and give him tissues, I help wipe his tears....he wipes his nose himself (uh..not doing that). I tell him over and over that "Mrs. B is not upset with you, do I look upset? I'm not upset." I realize he is so very mad at himself for getting crayon all over the placement. I start to get that he is NOT going to calm down on his own, and that the very short breaths that I realize turn into hyperventilating NEED TO STOP_NOW, or else I will have more of a problem on my hands. So, I kneel down, so I am face to face with him and I show him how to breath slow and deep. He copies me, well, he tries. He goes back to the short, fast breaths that SCARE me. I show him again, "follow me....breathe like this....(i take a deep breath)" He does it. 10 minutes later he calms down. I feel horrible that he got so upset over that. What I realized later in talking with my mother in law is that he may have some sort of parent or someone at home that must really strike down on him when he does something wrong. So, he is so deathly afraid of making a mistake. Isn't that so sad? It was the closest I felt to saving a life, ha.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, during all that I had my anger-stricken student at his table with his hood up (his tell-tale sign of "i'm pissed off") and his head down on the table too. I needed to take deep breaths myself, too. For sure.

To make all things better, after that I had a 2nd grade class. One little girl has down syndrome. She came over to me with her picture, which, was very interesting to say the least. It has letters on the bottom that make no sense really. They say this:


I said, "What does this say, sweetie?"

She goes (in her cute little voice), "It says I LOVE YOU", and she gives me the biggest hug ever.

what a day.

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  1. oH mY gOSH, yOU HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER!!! If I can come to work with you I want to meet these precious kids! :) Good job Katie!