Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warm and fuzzy isn't everywhere

Today I attended Brandon's funeral. It was very difficult to attend, but totally necessary in my opinion, I wouldn't have missed it-no way. A bunch of teacher from my old school were there...when I saw them, my heart felt warm and fuzzy. My old principal gave me a big hug and told me how much she missed me. I met up with my friend, the music teacher (Dorene), who I happen to get along with quite well. She was my confidante at that school. We planned on having lunch together afterward, we was so nice.

I have decided that I just officially miss my old workplace sooooo much. After the funeral was over, my old principal was introducing me to the new superintendent, "oh this was our art teacher last year, but we lost her to another school much closer to home..." I actually feel like I lost them. She went on to talk about how their school is unusually "warm and fuzzy"...and I nodded in agreement. "It's SO true", I said. They all got the hint, they realize that I miss it, bad, and that other schools just don't compare.

There is nothing wrong with where I work now...I just didn't realize (or maybe I did) how good I had it there. That 45 minute drive never phased me, because....I LOVED my job. With all of me, I loved it. I had one really good friend (which is a must), and I had lots of other teachers who were friends to me, cared about me, who I ate lunch with, etc. I miss that.

Now, I realize that my old school is not the norm, but having had that my very first year of teaching, it spoiled me-bad.

I miss it so much, the kids, the friends.

It's different this year, and I just quite haven't figured it all out.

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