Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a blog about blogging

This is the strangest blog I will ever write, but...I have to say, that I think about things all day long that would make a great blog. I'll be driving, and randomly in my head I am writing a blog. I am not kidding...the words sound so great in my head, and somehow when I sit down and think about it later, I either think, "That was the dumbest thing ever"...or...I just can't remember. The other day, I even started writing a blog in my head about the random things I see people doing in their car. It sounded so great in that moment, when I was writing in my head, at that stoplight. But now, it sounds really lame, and I can't even remember why I thought it would be cool. I'm not even sure that my brain even tells me to make it into a blog, I just do it. Without thinking. It happens. So, I must have a problem, or disease, because...instead of thinking, my brain is always just doesn't always end up on my blog. Make sense? I'm strange. I'm really making that clear, aren't I?

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  1. That happens to me too. You know what we need? We need digital records for Christmas so that when we come up with these awesome posts, we have a way to remember them and use them later.