Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh boy Oh-bama

I just got done writing a long post alllll about the elections, going into detail over why I'm so disappointed, and about my new love for politics (that has developed over the last few months). I decided to delete it and just say this....

I am not happy about the way the election turned out, and as an educated-on-politics individual (as a 23 year old), I just have to say that I'm more mad about being beat out by uneducated, follow-the-crowd 18 year olds then ANYTHING else. I just hate that Obama's campaign was more of a popularity thing, and less about the real issues. All I can hope is that I can get over this and start to find some appreciation for the man, because right just ain't there.

Oh and I've also decided, all you need is Oprah backing you, and you're in.

*I also want to assure you that although I have many, many, many things to say about this entire thing, I will not stoop that low and make my blog about it, therefore this WILL be the only time I discuss politics. got it? k.


  1. If I may encourage you...

    Politics aside, even though the election did not turn out the way that I would have wanted it to, I had to come to a point (before the election) that I was going to be okay with whatever happen. I realized that no matter what the outcome was, it was all in God's plan. He is setting everything up for His return and that should be my main focus. As long as I am doing my part, then the rest is up to Him.

  2. These might be encouraging too..