Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Third now, Two Thirds on Christmas Eve.

Normally Sundays have two purposes, and two purposes only in our household.

Church and Football.

Not today, folks...not today.
We got up at our normal time to get ready for church. We were both done getting dressed, and almost ready to go downstairs to leave. Declan says, "Hey babe, wanna go to breakfast, start making our lists for christmas, and maybe get a head start?" I, of course, being the good christian I am (haha..), I agreed.

So, off we went to our favorite little place down the road for breakfast. We sit on the 2nd floor of this place, right next to the heater, and its soooo cozy and warm. Eat a yummy breakfast. Love it. I get out my paper, and we brainstorm all the gifts and idea's we'd like to do this year for Christmas. As a general rule, we are just trying to spend less, but get gifts we feel will be useful and meaningful to the person receiving. Between the both of us, we have lots of family, and spending as much as we used to just isn't an option this year. We made our list, decided to go home quicky and DVR the football game, Sunday's second purpose...and off we went.

We went out to Lancaster, and it was just a fun date day with my hubby. We drove the scenic route to Lancaster, which we love (340)...and dreamt about the bigger house we will someday have. I love my house now...but I definitely can already picture that next step house,'s fun. Out of the 21 people we have to purchase for, we got 7 people completed today. I feel good about that.

There are 3 full days left until Thanksgiving, and I am 1/3 done my Christmas shopping...this is by far the earliest I have ever been. We didn't only buy some gifts (I am making some too this year)...but we also purchased gift wrap, bows, ribbons, and gift tags...and I'm headed up to my spare bedroom to wrap, TODAY. This is insane, and I am proud of my lack-of-procrastination this year. Darn Proud.

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  1. good for you! it feels good to get it early doesn't it? since i did all mine online from denver last year it got done much quicker!