Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Puppy play date

I love the afternoons I get to take my Mac over to play with his cousin, Chase for a puppy play date. That day was today. It really functions as more then a playdate...Kesh and I get to catch up on life, and I get to see my two beautiful nieces. I really like bringing Mac over there because Kesh is just so relaxed about the whole puppy thing (having had Chase), and I don't have to stress about him too much. The dogs will be literally running so fast around the house chasing eachother, playing, humping (oops, did I say that?), jumping on furniture, occasionally stepping on a baby's head (poor kylie), or chasing Kyra up and down the steps or getting locked in a bedroom with her. But, I appreciate and love that Kesh is just so relaxed about the dogs (and especially about mine), never losing her cool, or really worrying about her house or the mess the dogs are making, or what they're getting into. She doesn't freak out and worry when curious puppies get in the face of babies, or randomly climb all over places or things they shouldn't (like Chase's head). She understands. So, from one puppy owner (now he's a big 3 year old) to's nice, and I am thankful for that time.

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  1. Carpets can be cleaned, things can be repaired or replaced, but there is no substitute for the enjoyment of watching a puppy at play.

    Besides, once you have kids, dogs are soooo NBD! :)