Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweaty sweats and chattering cheeks...I mean, teeth.

Last night was the worst. I came home from my night of conferences and started getting a scratching throat feeling. Not good, considering I am going away all weekend for a bachelorette party. So, I decide I'd go to bed early and try to beat this thing, so I can be ready and feeling better the next day (today). I toss and turn in bed for hours....feeling sore, and achey all over. I have convinced myself by this point that it has to be towards 6am, and so I look at my cell phone, and its only 2am. Well, that was good news considering I had felt like I'd gotten no sleep. I feel for Declan next to me, he's there. Half hour later I woke up feeling so cold my teeth were literally chattering. I remember just muttering over and over to Declan how cold I was. I had a sheet, the down comforter and a fleece blanket on top of me...and I'm literally shaking. Declan assures me its not that cold out, and I should be okay. Next thing I know, I wake up sweating to death. Feeling icky and hot and nasty. I realize that my body is so sore, it can barely move. My neck feels like it can't hold my head up anymore. I go to the bathroom, and my meltdown begins. I suddenly realize just how sore everything is, how weird my body feels, and I cry....cryyyyyy cry cryyyy. Declan hears me, and by this point I was just sitting on the edge of the bed. He gets up and starts to hold me, and feeling so bad, he asks "What can I do for you?". I just didn't know what would help because we don't exactly have cabinets full of meds. He got me ibuprophen and water. I cried for a good 20+ minutes, and my hubby just made me feel protected, and that he was there for me. He felt my head and said I felt on fire. At this point, I realized I was definitely suffering with a fever. I haven't had a fever for years! I lay down, and prop myself up a bit to help myself to breathe better (and not contribute to my already sore throat), and Declan rubs my back until I fall asleep. Oh yea, forgot to mention that I was SO hot I was umm...not wearing much. Fevers will do crazy things to your body.

During my cryfest, I kept saying things like..."I can't miss out on this weekend...everyone will be so mad at me!"...and "I don't want to take another sick dayyyyyy". Declan was cute and just kept telling me, "Babe, you have to beat this first, then worry about all the other stuff".

He was right, because sure enough when I woke up at 7:30am this fever had broke and my throat wasn't sore anymore. I still felt a little achey, but that's it.

So, where did this fever come from anyway? I'm just praying it won't come back.

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