Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Thanksgiving always comes so fast...and sometimes, I forget to reflect how thankful to God I am for all the wonderful blessings in my life. I don't want to let that time slip by again...

I'm thankful for...

a husband who I love to date
a decorated, sparkly christmas tree
re-used christmas i love yardsales
incomes to make this household run
stories that make any situation feel light again
a house to call our own
christmas music that starts after halloween (currently playing :0)
a family (on both sides) that loves and supports us
a really hard working hubby
a comfy couch to cuddle up on
my warm fleece blankets
a better home and gardens subscription thats making me a better wife (thanks grandmom!)
a job that is so unpredictable but full of fun every single day
a puppy that loves me enough to follow me everywhere
a sister who just returned safely from a different continent
vacuum cleaners that make carpets look new again
laughs and good times that remind us not to stress too much
family get-togethers
neices and nephew(s) running around, loving life in a simple way
slippers that make my feet feel cozy
timers on ovens (or else I would have burnt my apple pie...oops!)
cars that run well (thank you Lord)
creativity and craftiness
love, I am so thankful for that. Without it, life would be so boring. I don't just mean romantic kind of love, but the kind of love Christ calls us too.

Happy thanksigiving...enjoy the time with your families. I know I will...

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