Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I think the combination of being sick already (fever/cold, remember?) and then having allergies from the beach house, and on top of that talking loudly over music the night we were out...has given me laryngitis.

As a teacher, I am utterly useless right now. I have no voice, none at all. Basically whatever comes out is terribly forced out and just hurts my throat and vocal cords.

I went yesterday to school and figured, what the heck, I'd try it. Well, it worked out because yesterday's voice was better then today's voice, but still sounded pathetic. So, the kids were shockingly good because they really needed to listen intently to hear me. This morning I woke up and felt sick again, the whole can't breathe, coughing up nastiness thing. I decided I'd still trek into school and try my best. Well, this morning was an early day at school, so I hadn't talked to Declan in the morning, or anyone-hence...didn't use my voice at all, or test it out to see how the vocal cords were doing today. I had a little time this morning, and decided to swing by Dunkin Donuts to fulfill my longing for an everything bagel with cream cheese. So, I get to the order window, and voice. Totally. Not. There. I literally had almost nothing coming out. The poor girl couldn't hear me, but I managed to like yell and sort of get out the general sound. It was such a horrible feeling, and it was then I realized how much worse it has gotten. But, I did have a delicious bagel...

Onto school I went. Everyone I talked to that morning said the same general thing: "Why are you here and how are you going to teach!" They were all saying, "Go home and rest your voice!" I was being stubborn and trying to get through today, knowing that I would probably take tomorrow off to rest my voice (the only cure) based on how I was feeling at that moment. I taught 2 classes (hardly...because, I am USELESS...a teacher with no voice, completely pointless), and it hurts-so-bad. I basically tried to not talk too much and just let the kids work. I get an unexpected email from our secretary that goes something like this:

I hear you aren't feeling too good. I found a sub for you tomorrow. Are you sure you can continue the rest of today? I'm going to look for someone for you and I'll call down to your room and let you know. You need to rest up!"

She is too sweet. She really did take care of it for me, and I got to leave at 11:45 and head home to stop talking and rest up my voice. I have off tomorrow too, because at this point there is still no voice there and late at night and early morning is my worst time for it. I am hoping by Thursday I can go back to school with some sort of renewed least, somewhat. I even had to cancel an observation by my Principal for tomorrow, in fact, once he heard me (or lack-there-of-hearing me), he didn't think it would be fair to observe me on a day I can't mutter a word above a tiny whisper. That just isn't quite accurate of my normal teaching style. :-)

The moral of the story is that having laryngitis as a teacher is by far the worlds worst thing to have. I talk all day. Now, I'm utterly useless.

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  1. katie!!!
    you are not loosing it at all!!! i did have them listed at 2 for $10 when you bought them...when i went back to buy my fabric recently, it wasn't on sale anymore so now they are 2 for $ no need to worry! everything is cool. i hope your friend likes them!
    also, i hope you are feeling better!