Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few odds 'n ends

-Tonight I was in the pharmacy, and I was in an the next isle over I heard a familiar sound. A sound of keys that I recognized. I knew who it was right away.... my mother. As she turned the corner I shouted "I knew it!!". Isn't that odd that you can know the sound of
ones keys??

-I saw a huge shooting star last night on my way home last night, and it quite possibly could have caused me to crash. It was amazing, and the first one I've ever seen, it was huge! Maybe it wasn't just a star?

-Lately I've been waking up and praying that I would see people the way Jesus would, feel what Jesus would how he would. I can see an improvement in my attitude at school, especially. Why wasn't I
doing this earlier?

-There are only 22 days until Christmas. Where has the year gone?

-I have forgotten what I felt was the best of all the random topics. I saved it for last because it was special, but now it slipped me. Perhaps it wasn't so important after all?

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