Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny kid quote of the day

This sweet little first grader and I were coloring together at her table. The rest of the class was singing "jingle bells" (why deny this hyper-anticipation for christmas?) while coloring, and she whispered to me:

"You know what? I have a favorite Christmas most favorite ever. I'm singing it in church this sunday..."

me-"What song is your favorite?"

her- "Okama"

(inside, I'm thinking...'great, another 6 year old with some obama joke, i'm so over it')

me- "Okama? I've never heard of it...hmm...can you sing it for me?"

her- "yea, it goes like this....Okaaamaaaa me faithful, joyful and triumphanttttt"

It was to die for cute, trust me. I smiled, and said, "ohhhh THAT song" I love it too." I also liked how she added the "me faithful...not ye faithful".

I will always think of that when I hear that song now, always.

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