Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Chaos, one day at a time.

In the midst of all this holiday chaos, I have managed to get some things done. Let's hear one big, hip hip hooray! All of the gifts are either bought or made at this point. Most are wrapped. The young-adult Christmas party is at my house tomorrow night, and my new table is arriving earlier that day. I have grocery shopped for the food. Church was canceled yesterday due to weather (which ended up not being all that bad), and it gave us time to clean our entire house. Check that bad boy off the list. Tonight is give my husband a haircut night, and bake Christmas cookies night. Don't worry, I won't mix the two too closely together. ;) The gifts that are wrapped are sorted by Declan's side and mine. I bought candles for my windows, and they look devine. I forgot about the wind-advisory last night, and my brand new Christmas-stake that says something cute like, "let it snow" on it, snapped in half last night. One of my poinsettia's blew away. Somehow, my greenery swags are managing to stay on my windows. Praise-ye-the Lord. They are a pain to put back up!

My partner-in-crime (and i really do mean crime, that guy tore off bows, ripped wrapping paper....) in all the wrapping is yours truly....

Must have been pooped from all that terrorizing...or should I say "terrier-izing". Ha Ha, I crack myself up (and oh how I'm sounding more and more like my mother in law with each passing day).


  1. Awww... Mac looks so cute surrounded by Christmas bows. Makes me not buy that whole "terrorizing the presents" story. :)

  2. Like mother, like daughter - HA HA I crack myself up!