Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kid Quote(s) of the Day(s)

Apparently the economy is even affecting SANTA for crying out loud. Poor guy...heck, poor kids around the world. (snicker, snicker)

"Santa isn't bringing us lots of presents this year!! My mom told me Santa doesn't have a lot of money right now. Can I tell the whole class about this?"


And apparently, I'm a doctor.

"Mrs. B...can you answer this question for me? Why do you get scabs in your nose...cuz I have one one right now."

Ew. and RANDOM. Enough said.


And for this next kid quote of the day, you'll have to read what she said fast, and OUT LOUD. [just make sure your children aren't around you, hehe] What do YOU think she said?

[shouting to the kids at her table]


Say what? I made her clarify, which is always the wrong thing to do as a teacher, but...still. I swore she said that forbidden in elementary school word...the one that serves as another name for a know...
and when I thought she said that, I stopped. Chuckled inside. Then asked her to clarify. But, apparently she is very excited about that cool 3-d "S" that we all used to make as kids. Come on, you know what I mean.
I know you do.

Ohhh kids.

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