Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a moment

Yesterday I had a moment. Things were almost done for our Christmas-eve-eve party. The house was sparkly, clean, the Christmas lights were shining, the cookies were baked, my table had arrived. I was sitting on the couch, just to take a breather before the madness was to begin, and I just glanced around. That glance felt like an entire hour. I saw all the little details of things Declan and I had picked out before our home was even in the works. I saw the free or $1 items we had picked up at yard sales in hopes to one day use. I saw all the Christmas decor that I bought last year half-off the day after Christmas, and had wondered when the time would could I'd actually get to use it. I saw my candles all lit, and could literally remember when and where each candle came from...evoking lots of lots of memories. Some of my candles are from my honeymoon (Declan was sweet and brought them along), some are from the Parent-teacher-organization at our school thanking us for all our hard work, some are from my college days, and others are from the Green Dragon, the specially home-made candles. My home felt warm. It felt amazing. I felt so incredibly blessed in just that little glance. My blessings don't come in 'things', I mean, some do...but more then materialism, I feel blessed that God entrusted me to have all this, knowing I would do my best to take care of them. This includes husband...who is so amazing and ran out to get me Ibuprophen after crying my eyes out over a nasty migraine an hour puppy....who literally makes me laugh, and cuddles like a family, who blesses me over and over again with their generousity. I am overwhelmed that a year ago when we started this whole home-purchase, I had no idea where or if I would have a teaching job even remotely close to where we'd live, but we took that leap of faith...and God loved me enough to land me the perfect job situation, 9 minutes away. I don't understand it, but as I put it last night to my other set of parents (Bob and Eilene), "He must really like me, and I don't really understand why."

I am feeling reflective this Christmas, and I feel blessed, so so so very blessed.

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