Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ribbon Day

In light of the wonderful upcoming holidays, we have spirit days. I, for some reason, totally suck at remembering these joyful, and silly days. Okay, well maybe I don't exactly forget, but who wants to parade around in jingle bells all day? Seriously?

So, I remembered it was ribbon day, pulled my (short) hair into a semi-side pony tail and added one of my big wire green ribbons to my hair. It actually looked kind of cute, and not totally odd. It wasn't an annoyance all day and that made me happy, it also made the kids happy that I participated for once. When I left the bathroom after getting ready that morning, Declan said, "Babe, you look cute today." He didn't even know it was ribbon day. Sweet man.

PS: picture is compliment of one of the coolest third graders ever.
PSS: My highlights look pretty darn good from the back.
PSSS: hahahahaha

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