Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret Santa Day 1

Every year (but this is my first) the elementary school I teach at does a secret santa, 5 days leading up to the Christmas break, and the last day at the big breakfast you reveal yourself with a bigger gift. I was reluctant to do it, ahhh...more money to spend...but, I knew it'd be fun.

Today, when a student came down with a mystery package, I got giddy inside! Someone got me a gift! Someone got me a gift! My first one of this holiday season, actually.

So, I thought...wouldn't it be fun to document what I get? (Photos courtesy of the iphone)

Day 1. The package.

Day 1. The card.

Day 1. The actual gift.

Yay for sweet stuff, and my two favorite candies, ever. See ya tomorrow...

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