Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Secret Santa Day 4 and 5

I'm sorry for being so lame and not posting all the photos, but I really do have the worlds best secret santa. Yesterday she got me a super cute blue and brown candle, which, if you know me is pretty much the best color choice ever.

Today was reveal day. We had a big breakfast, and we gave our gifts to them. Her card was adorable, and was poetic again, and it had a mini-card inside with her name in it. When I saw her name, I LAUGHED so hard. All along I thought I knew who it was, but boy was I ever so wrong. The person who I had for my secret santa, ALSO had ME! We were the perfect pair. It only made sense that it was someone like her. She's a young, hip kinda teacher...and she just knew me well. Today's gift was a gift certificate to a local bead store in West Chester, packaged along with some beads. How PERFECT.

From one young, hip kinda teacher to another.....Merry Christmas, and I have a new appreciation for secret santa's.

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