Friday, December 5, 2008

a sigh of relief

I got my hubby-back, hubby-back, hubby-back, hubby- back....

Katie's husbands back yeaaa

(to the tune of "Chili's baby-back ribs")

Declan has been fairly absentee lately. It is not his fault, at all. He is trying to provide for us and give us a little extra income, cuz Lord knows we all could use that. But, with his freelance graphic design stuff, it can take up a lot of time. The last two months or so have been fairly grueling. Almost every night, he'd come home, eat dinner with me, spend a little time with me...but have to go to his office (which is only upstairs) and work the night away to make the deadline for this website. I have to also admit, I have cursed the name of this website because of that, and so I do apologize for that. Oops. One of my favorite things is going to bed together, but because I am a night wimp, I am pretty much in bed (on a good night)before 10 (what a loser I am). Declan doesn't get home until 7, and really needs the time to work on the website. The good news is, the website has been TURNED in as of yesterday morning and I HAVE MY HUSBAND BACK! It was exciting getting to just breathe a sigh of relief that the deadline has passed and the website was turned in on time.

I am dreading the next deadline, purse seems to like it. Hmm...catch 22.

Happy weekend everyone.

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