Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surprise Visit

I live in a development literally right next door to the business my parents own and spend a LOT of their time at. Shockingly, they rarely pop in to visit. I was upstairs doing some wrapping last night around 6:30 and I get a phone call from my mom. I always answer when its my mother, because, she usually has something important to say or tell me. This time, it went like this....

"Katie, I am outside, in your driveway. Your house looks dark, are you in there? I wanted to just stop by and give you a kiss! I also haven't seen your Christmas decorations, yet!"

So I ran my little (not-so-little) toosh down to the front door, and let her in. I got my kiss, indeed. I was happy to see her, and have her visit, as she knows she's always welcome.

My parents have both known about our great need for our dining room/eat-in-kitchen table. Declan and I just didn't want to go out and buy something junky when we know we'll be here for a while. My parents had always expressed interest in wanting to be the ones to get us this big gift, but with the holiday coming up, it was coming all the more realistic. So, secretly, my moms little visit was to 'refresh' her brain on the colors of my kitchen, how sneaky ;)

We ended up looking online while she was here at some counter-height tables that we'd both been eyeing up. We ended up finding the most gorgeous one I've seen online. Lucky enough, Declan just got home from work, checked it out online, and loved it too. My mom wanted me to make a quick call over to the local store in Exton and see if they had it in stock so we could see it in person. Indeed they did.

In a flash, we got in the car, and went over to check out our possible new ornament for our dance floor (what we've been calling it since July). It turned out that in person, we loved it even more. It is so classy, and has the most wonderful design, the color is perfect, and the chairs are a chocolatey/mocha tight microfiber, which makes the comfort factor times ten. With joy (seriously!) my parents generiously purchased Declan and I our first real dinette set, we can seat 6 people comfortably, and it will finally make our house complete. This definitely was the nicest gift, ever...we are in love with this table.

The greatest part of all is that the delivery is scheduled for Tuesday....and Tuesday NIGHT is my christmas party with our friends. My mom's visit turned into a lot more, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thanks again to them, we cannot stop thinking about how it will make our home complete, and, that we can finally have people over for dinner!

Here is a picture of the table at the store. I definitely will post a picture of it in our home next week.


  1. Dont you just love parents? :-) I love the table!

  2. I really did just come for the kiss! I love you Katie!!