Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you little chalkboard, thank you.

Is anyone else sort of overwhelmed with the Christmas bustle? Maybe not overwhelmed in a bad way, but more of the when will I ever get finished kind of way. That's me anyway. You know what? I think that it's me every-single-stinking-year. How is that possible? I am the girl who wrote her english papers a week in advance, so I could breathe easy. I am the girl who prepares dinner way too early (and it ends up getting ruined by late husbands), just to be ready. I am the girl who cannot live in an unfinished home, so I had my entire house painted within a few days, decorated, and all settled (thanks to great help). So why am I so behind with Christmas...and particularly gifts? Now, let me first say that I have been decorated since the day before Thanksgiving, so thats not my area of lacking. I also can get some of my shopping done (like I posted on before), but then I hit the big flippin brick wall of doom. I just keep thinking to myself, "I'll do it...I'll get it done". But, as I see the days tick down, and down and down until Christmas (thanks to the chalkboard in my kitchen and what I thought was a 'cute' idea to have a countdown), I am realizing I have tons to do, and very little time.

I must say, my husband finally embroidered our stockings after having them for one ENTIRE year in the trunk of his car (thanks to the 50% after christmas sales). I guess it was asking too much for him to embroider them earlier, considering he RUNS and embroidery department, haha. Well, at least 9 days before the big day, we have them, and if I do say so myself, they look schnazzy.

Now, onto the other 9408394 things to get done....but wait! Biggest Loser Finale can do Christmas-to-do list, no can must wait until tomorrow. (I think my problem has been revealed...)


  1. i love how you tied them on with a simple white ribbon. beautiful!

  2. I love your cute stockings. I keep putting off doing fancy ones until we're done having kids.