Monday, December 1, 2008

When is Christmas break?

I have literally written (or begun) this post about three times over the course of this weekend. Each time thinking, "I better start this blog now or else I'll have one of those really long obnoxious blogs". Each time I never completed it, or heck, got further then a few sentences. Here I am, Monday night, the last day of my vacation for the holiday...and I've yet to write.

Here comes that obnoxiously long blog...I can feel it. Just kidding, I will condense. I'll try.

Basically, my sister graced us all with her presence after being gone for three months. I have been with her basically non-stop since last Wednesday. We are making up for lost time, yeaaa, yea. Our thanksgiving was completely wonderful, not a single complaint, everyone enjoyed their time. We played games, ate a delicious dinner, goofed around with our nieces, ate dessert, watched football, and laughed. It was everything Thanksgiving should be. I have officially started the tradition of making my homemade apple pie, and the new addition...pumpkin chocolate cheesecake. It went off without a hitch. Thank you Better Home and Gardens, you have served me well. Now I must remember to cut out that recipe before I accidently toss the issue.

We did not do our normal, black friday, get up at 4-am or even midnight routine. I am too old for that. Besides, Declan has a real job now and works that I no longer have my 'bag holder' and 'place in line' holder, which makes it much less fun. Sister and I decided we would make that our crafting day instead. We both are making a point to be more creative with Christmas this year, and not really fall into the whole consumerism thing as much as the past. So far, we have transformed my guest room into the crafting room...and it is serving us well. What we are making in top secret. If you know, I will have to kill you...and with the holidays, I'll feel bad. So, don't ask :-) After all the craftiness, we met up with Lyryn and Jayden for dinner, and went back to their house and watched a movie.

Saturday was bridal shower day. My friend Jennie had an early shower (she isn't getting married until June) in Easton, PA. She is actually from Colorado, currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA and has family in Dallas, Easton and Colorado. So, she is having multiple showers. With the shower being held in Easton, I decided it was the one I should attend being that it was under 2 hours away. Susan joined me, because she knows I would drive myself insane on that drive...or just get myself lost. Either one. It was awesome having her there, and everyone enjoyed her being there too. It was so wonderful to see Jennie, I've missed her sooo very much. I can't wait to be in her wedding June 2oth.

That day was also my in-laws Thanksgiving celebration, which I sacrificed and missed due to the shower. But, being a bridesmaid I really felt it was the right thing to do. Declan went without me and informed it was a grand old time, and he came home with food to prove it. We have been enjoying bits and pieces of it for the last few days. I missed seeing everyone.

Yesterday, we went to church like any other normal Sunday (okay, oops...except for last week, scratch that). It was a nice change of pace, and we had a concert put on by a family of 6 siblings. It was amazing, and I truly felt blessed to be there that morning. What an awesome thing to have a family that can all play instruments and sing like angels. wow. After church we had lunch, and instead of going home with Declan, I let him go home (since he had freelance to do), and I stayed with Sue. We did a little shopping, but mostly just got ready to go to Providence for church that night. I don't normally attend there, either, but having had off today (Monday), I felt there was really no excuse. I really did enjoy myself. I'm going to talk to Declan abouy maybe going once a month or so, because I just really love the teaching the most. It's on a different type of level then PFC, more of a level for me.

Today was b.c. day for my wittle puppy, Mac. B.C....stands for (ball-choppin) day. He got neutered today. I must say, that leaving him was really, really hard. I missed him so much all day. I was able to get a lot done though, one of them being a photographers assistant to get pictures for christmas cards of my nieces....the other of them being getting MY own cards printed and completed, and labeled, and almost sent out (holy cow...I'm good)....another of them being able to clean my entire house from top to bottom, put away all the laundry, dust, vacuum, scrub floors, toilets, etc...without a puppy under my feet. Made a world of difference.

When we picked him up tonight, I felt sad for him. He is in pain, and we have to restrict him from bouncing and running and playing. That is all Mac knows how to do. It is really hard, and he's only been home for 2 hours. We have a week of restricting him. I have heard that there will be some changes in him after the surgery, the one we have noticed so far is that he suddenly lifts his leg to pee, which I find fascinating. We love our little man.

On that note...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEND OUT OUR CARDS THIS YEAR!!! I don't want to spoil them for those of you who will be receiving one...but, gosh, I love them, and Yes, they involve our puppy. Remember, we don't have it's O.K. We are in the clear.

Here I am at 9:13pm on Monday night and I am winding down and beginning my back to school routine. I will go up and shower, and lay in bed way too early...and then fall asleep, and up and at 'em teaching lots and lots of kids. I miss them, but, I really do enjoy my breaks.

In fact, there are exactly 24 days left until Christmas
and 16 1/2 days of school left until Christmas Break...
where I will then have 12 1/2 days off to relax, or...not really...but, at least have off.

And, well...this post in fact got longer then intended, but how do you recap 6 full days into one post? Not well my friends... not well.

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