Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is how we do laundry....

....or just how I get my husband up from a nap. I found, though...that he likes the 'warmth' of the fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry. Go figure. Naptime resumes.

Jon & Kate minus 8 (today at least!)

Down to earth, just like the show. Jon is very funny, and they have an amazing story of faith, trust, and hope that only comes from Jesus. It was not very long, but it was really fun to see people you see on television up close, and I mean up close. We had pretty much 2nd row seats. It was held as an "interview" session, and seemed a bit scripted, but nevertheless, fun and a cool experience all in the same. Kate is even cuter in person, and is pretty much a hot mom when you ask me (after having 8 kids, granted, a tummy tuck was in order). Jon was wearing a hat because of some "medical procedure" he recently had done. We all speculated what it might be....did he get plugs? (Hehe)...They always joke about him balding. Or, could it have been a simple little thing like he had a mole removed and just had a shaved spot? Possibly. However, I'm sure the show will tell in the next few months. It was fun, and time spent with family (Lyryn, Jesse, Jayden and Susan), ending in a yummy meal at Chile's. I can't wait to watch the next episode...I am so lame.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm a dreamer when it comes to my house, and decorating it. During our pre-marital counseling Pastor Bruce told Declan to get used to me always thinking of "what we may have one day", and dreaming of things in life we can attain when money is less of an issue. Declan hates to window shop. I love it. I could spend an entire day just looking at things and thinking about what I would love to have, and someday might. If the price is right now, I will sometimes buy whatever it is I'm eyeing up. I do not dwell on these things, I just like to look and see what's out there. Most of the time, when I ask Declan go out and do these things, he says a pretty firm and sturdy "No." Then I walk away bummed, but not really surprised. At that point, I just go by myself or with my sister.

So this morning, Declan and I were enjoying our ability to sleep in. Declan had no work today, and the agenda was free. We slept in, which always feels so nice, however...I couldn't do it every day. I know why God gives us WEEKENDS, and I know why they are only two days. :-) So this morning was a lazy one. We finally got ourselves up and we sat in bed talking about the budget when our house comes, and discussing all this grown up stuff which I so hate, but of course, necessary. I didn't push any of my own personal "agenda" on Declan, or hint at any thing I wanted to do today. Out of the clear blue my hubby says, "Hey babe, I have an idea. Want to go out to breakfast and then go to Ikea and look for stuff for the house?" I think it took me a few moments to respond because I wasn't quite processing all he was saying, since this is SO rare. I looked at him and said..."Really?!?" all excited. I maybe expected a, "Just kidding!"...but no, he was serious! So, by the time we got done showering, dressing, getting ended being more like lunch time. So we grabbed some pizza at Caln, headed to Plymouth Meeting, and off to Ikea we went.

I love this place. It is not exactly the highest quality furniture, as most of you know...but it can be lovely especially for those who don't have all the funds in the world. Also, the way my taste changes, it makes sense. We made our way through the entire store, and Declan took pictures of big pieces of furniture that we want to buy once the house is done completely. He marked down the name of the product and numbers, so we wouldn't forget. He smiled and really enjoyed himself the entire time...for once, I wasn't torturing him into it ;-) It was so so so nice. We bought a few odds and ends while we were there today, things that aren't too hard to store, and things we didn't know would be there next time we went. It was just so fun.

We spent a little more time out and went to find some more summer-ish clothing Declan can wear to work (polo's, etc). We had a little luck, and did find him a few things. It was funny, because I was trying so hard not to look for myself...I just love shopping, for clothes especially, and lately have been really good not getting things. So, Declan sort of gave me the hint I could find a few things for myself. I did find about 3 cute summery tops that I can get away with at school and in normal life, for cheap. It was a fun day overall, and I love love love spending time with Declan carefree with no boundaries on time. At one point we were stuck in traffic, had the windows down, the radio on, and singing loudly. It was fun.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we have tickets to go see Jon & Kate from the show, "Jon & Kate plus 8". They are at a Church near Avon Grove...and I am excited, because I watch the show all the time! Hopefully I'll post on that.

Cheers to fun Saturday's.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Saving the computer at a time.

My husband is so technology-savvy. The man can pretty much fix anything having to do with computers, printers, ipods, phones, internet name it, he at least tries. For the most part, he fixes it. I sometimes joke with him that it's nerdy, although secretly, I think it's kind of hot...oops, secrets out! Everyone calls on him in my family and his when there are any computer "issues". Anyway, he just got done fixing my mom's chronic issue with her laptop and the internet connection. He walks into our room and says to me:

"Saving the computer at a time."

I laughed, it was so damn cute. I just have to say that my husband is to die for in my opinion. Yes, he loves all the "nerdy" things as I say...computers and video games, and technology...but he pretty much rocks at being a husband, and I love him for all he does.
Even saving the world, one computer at a time. :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green Dragon

Lots of fun
With my sissy and hubby
on a lovely day we had off
Slightly Cold
But oh so worth it
Nothing a hood couldn't help
Lots of deals
And some real cool things
What is it about cheap things we love?
Found ourselves a few things
for the house we should soon own
Ate some candy
Had a vintage lunch
Got home made candles
I got jewelry for 2 bucks
Declan got gloves
I got an iphone charger for my car
It works!
We got two flame clickers for 2 bucks
I love those things.
Got a plaque that says "gathering room"
and a "LOVE" wooden sign
Parking in the dirt
Walking on stones and through crowds
Having no clue where we were
Fake coach purses that looked like my real one
Was sort of a shame
Hiding beneath my sunglasses from my students
I only saw one, and he didn't see me
Auntie Annes pretzels compliments of sue ;-)
A sunny, lovely day with my family
Was fun and priceless

I love Green Dragon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bragging Rights.

4th Grade Positive and Negative Space Design

The hallway at my school filled with lots of artwork.

My favorite part of today, 3/20/2008.

I am trying to remember funny parts of my day as a teacher....or even a moment that I just love. Today stands out like a sore thumb.

Up walks 1st grader, Cayli to my desk (during the time she should have been watching a movie).

"Ummm....Mrs. B....My grandmom told me not not to tell ANYONE this....but I want to tell, I am wearing a BRA! hehehehehehe!" ::as she runs away back to her seat::

So funny!

Saturday, March 15, 2008



Okay, thats a bold statement. But, what I'm saying is so darn liberating! I used to be one to "hold" onto my hair, thinking that long locks equaled beauty and all that garbage. Well, I have (in the last 7 months) really enjoyed chopping my hair off. Yesterday, I went after school and got yet another haircut...I think my 4th or 5th one since I've been married, and everytime, I love it. This one is by far the shortest I've ever had. I know that the Millionare Matchmaker, from the TV show says that "guys like long straight hair to run their fingers through"...and you know what I say to that? PUKE! That not only bothers me, but is totally not true. Well, maybe I am just blessed with a husband who thinks I look good with short hair or long hair.

Anyway, learn to not miss your grows back. Live a little....cut your hair.

Some more rockin' Art Projects

5th Grade "Optical Illusion Art"Are your eyes wiggin' out yet? They should be! These kids are so darn proud of making something that can "trick" someone's eye. I think they turned out amazing! (Of course, proud teacher here bragging again)

4th Grade "Asian Landscapes"
And these...there are no words for how COOL they turned out...with the mountainous scenes, and the chinese wording...and that fire red sun. Gorgeous! Talented children, I tell ya! Or....talented teacher? hehehe...kidding!


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night I got to experience my very first proposal other then my own of course. I am really glad we went, although I definitely faced the repercussions this morning when I could barely keep my eyes open (we got in at 1:30am). But, it was really beautiful despite the ugly airport surroundings. Tara was surprised, in utter shock, happy, crying, shouting, freaking out, and all of which are extremely TYPICAL emotions. I felt like I re-lived my "feeling" of my engagement through that moment. I was completely shaking inside, and all jittery weird! I am very thankful for the person (Tara) that was placed in Brent's life. Although we give Brent a hard time a lot, we love him to death, and only EVER want the best for him. I know he found the best, and that is such a good feeling (especially knowing his past with girlfriends). Anyway, we (me, speaking for Lyryn, hehe) are happy to have her be a part of our sisterhood on that side of the family. I think when we all get into having lots of little babies, we will definitely have some wonderful, crazy, uber chaotic and super awesome family dinners and holiday gatherings. :-)

Cheers to engagement bliss!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Call me the friggin' tooth fairy & give me some boxing gloves!

I'm telling you...I need a sub for EVERY tuesday until the year is over.

Today was definitely MORE then interesting. If you can remember, last week on TUESDAY I had a post that discussed my one student who colored her tongue with a marker, and proceeded to say things about the "S-H-I-T" word. Well, this week, believe it or not...I got beat up by a Kindergartener. Okay, Okay...I shouldn't say beat up, well, first of all-because that makes ME sound pretty weak and pathetic, and secondly, because it wasn't quite a "beat down". Let's back up. I get a glance of this student throwing his pencil at another student. A pencil that was newly sharpened, mind me...a weapon (well, for a kindergartener). I give him the benefit of the doubt and ask, "did you really just throw that pencil?"....he undoubtly shakes his head..."yes, I did". Well, good job for admitting it, but without ANY shame-come on now! So, I tell him he loses the privilege of using a pencil at all since he doesn't know how to use it like a "big boy" (yea right). He FREAKED out and would not give me the pencil, and he starts "batting" at me to keep me away from him and his dear pencil. I immediately think "What the hell!? I am NOT gonna freakin fight a kindergartener over a pencil!" (but knowing I couldn't let him get away with this!) So, I say, "You leave me no choice but to get Mr. "Principal" to come and handle this". So, me...little miss teacher thing goes right out in the hallway (where conveniently sits the Principals office), and basically shout over to him. He comes very willingly into the room, only to find little Mr. Pencil thrower is denying going with him. So Mr. Principal is left no choice but to physically remove him. Now, my poor other 14 students were holding their hands over their ears due to the screaming and kicking that was going on before their little eyes. One student said, "Mrs. Balla, my ears hurt". I know, buddy, I know.

Well, needless to say, I got a tearful apology from him later, and a visit from his parents. It all went well, but it's incredibly sad what some of these kids are going through at home

So, on a lighter note. Little 2nd grader "lost a tooth" today. So, the little guy went over to the nurse to get one of those treasure chest things that holds a baby tooth. Well, I tell him to stick it in his pocket to keep it safe and sound. Not 20 minutes later I hear, "OH NO!!! MY TOOTH IS GONE!!" I'm thinking, no crap kid, you've got a hole in your mouth...but what he meant was the TOOTH had fallen out of the treasure chest and was now adorning my art room floors. GROSS! Like freaking clockwork 23 kids drop to their knees and begin to "look" as I yell at them all to GET BACK IN YOUR SEATS we are not spending the whole class looking for a tooth. I know, heartless. I kept telling him to check his pockets and three times, it wasn't there. Or so he said....

Last chance....I say, "Sweetheart, check your pockets REALLY really good."

3 Seconds later. "I FOUND IT!" ::holding it up like a prized trophy::

oh the "drama" of my day....don't you love it?

On another note...I got observed by Mr. Principal today...and it was my LAST one for the YEAR! I cannot believe I successfully finished all of them, and passed with flying colors. It feels awesome.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Is there a rainbow?!"

Yesterday was not exactly the type of Saturday I generally look forward too. When my little mind drifts during the week to the super wonderful thought of a dreamy "Saturday" I think of blue skies, the sun roof open, free riding, maybe shopping till you drop, a meal out with friends or family, or something....eventful. Yesterday wasn't exactly my idea of an eventful Saturday. This is the first time the weather has really LITERALLY dampened my Saturday in a long while.

It was pretty much torrential downpours, for oh....the entire day. Just my luck on my dreamy Saturday. But, out of bed we went...Declan was off to an embroidery trade show with my dad in Atlantic City, and Me...up for no_reason_at_all.
Why is it I cannot go back to sleep again once I wake up? Is it a sign that I am officially an old adult? Because even now the reason I am typing this blog is because my dear hubby messed up the clocks and we went by his time (which he changed b/c he insisted it wasn't manual...well, it was)....and so we got ready for church and entire hour early. Where is he? Snoozing back under the covers. Me? Yep, you got it. Blogging.

Anyway, back to my story. So, I found myself up at 6:30am on my dreamy Saturday and now had the brilliant idea of attending a craft show with my mom and sister and possibly stopping for breakfast first. I just have to say, the idea of a craft show on a saturday with my mom and sister DOES actually sound dreamy to me...I thought about it all week. I think it reminds me of my childhood because me and my mom loved doing crafts, and attending craft shows. Everything was so inexpensive but intricately made, and being the crafty person I am, I love it. So, ventured out into the rainy day, only to find we all felt a little "ich" about the whole idea of being out on this terribly rainy, cold, icky day. So we went and had breakfast at Georgio's....always a favorite for breakfast. Two eggs over easy with crispy bacon, a bagel and cream cheese please! yummy. After breakfast, we went out looking at wallpaper books for my mom's powder room...which usually consists of my sister and I practically gagging over the choices my mom loves the best. What is it with her? Get with the times, Mom! But my sister and I usually try to win her our way. Besides, we don't watch HGTV all the time for nothing?!

Back in the downpour again to go home. Wet, wet, wet. The rest of my Saturday consisted of laundry, who likes doing laundry? I actually have to say I like doing it a lot better now then when I was a kid. But, that is no excuse for doing laundry all day on a Saturday ;-) We sat down and watched the freaking funniest show ever....I believe it's called, Crash My Wedding or something to that extent! It was amazing, we laughed SO very hard. Check it out. My hubby finally came home from the gambling town, only for me to tell the quite exhausted man (he only had 3 hours of sleep the night before) that we were going to be babysitting our nephew, Jayden! He...was okay with it. Just tired. It turned out Jayden had a bit of a rough night. He seemed to be in a lot of belly pain, which makes me feel really bad for him, but I think I was starting to lose my hearing a bit. Possibly. Declan got frustrated because of his own lack of sleep. He took a turn for the better and finally became his loving smiling self about an hour before his mom and dad got home. Of course, he is just peachy when they arrive :-) Anyway, I still love him. A little crying....I mean, a lot of crying never hurt anyone.

Early to bed after that because Declan was so beat. I hear a faint little "nose whistle" coming from him now as he grasps for just a few more minutes of sleep. Poor guy...I gotta wake him up in 10 minutes.

Oh, life!

Friday, March 7, 2008

This is my blog and I can write whatever I want to without any remorse.

I'm jealous. Jealousy is so wrong, and I know that...but how do you stop it from creeping in?

It's just so hard when you wish your life could be someplace that in reality can't be for a while. It's also hard to see other people walking in the place you want to be.

For now, I will try to see past all that, and be grateful what I have, which is amazing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

From the heart of a 2nd grader

"Mrs. Balla, you know that dinosaurs and people may have lived at the same time?"

"Really, Mason?...okay"

"Yea, because, my grampy said that in the Bible it says that on the 6th day God created all animals. Well... Dinosaurs are animals."

"Hmm...Good Point buddy"

"Yea, and well, since it is written in the Bible, you have to believe it. I mean, its the Bible. It was written during the time of Jesus, by friends of Jesus.

And Jesus...
He's the son of God."

"You're right Mason, he is."

out of the mouth of babes...
absolutely priceless.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday=my long day

Today was eventful in the art room. Kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out, kids in, kids out...literally!!

On tuesdays 150 students come in and out of my about your head spinning ;-)

I often open my door to my room and stick my head out in the hall to feel the lovely breeze out there, while I bask in the heat of 24 little Literally, between kindergarten and 2nd grade there are ZERO minutes. So, I send the kinder's out, and literally have 2nd graders at my door. Today during that time, I took a deep breath, and just told the kids I needed a second to gather my thoughts and get it all together. Phew!

The most eventful part of today...wait, it all was eventful, but shall I say....the most extreme...yes, extreme will do. Ahem. Start over. The most extreme part of today was having the principal come into my room due to the behavior of one of the 2nd grade girls. He is so great. He has this stern look on his face that can kill! I love it. He puts his hands on his hips, and just looks so disappointed. Makes you put your tail between your legs. This student? Didn't flinch. Let me back up. I overheard her repeatedly saying " that a curseword? I can spell it. S-H-I-T. " It was like her record had been scratched she was on repeat mode. I turn my head only to see all the other students with their jaws DROPPED in awe that this student was saying these things...more in awe that I just caught her. I give her a little talking to, and I think we're okay, only to find that minutes later she was COLORING with MARKER on her....TONGUE! Ugh! Therefore...the principal.

So there you have it. Musings of an art teacher. Crayola marker on the tongue. Love it or leave it, this is my life, and where I share it. :-P

Saturday, March 1, 2008

3rd Grade Lighthouses

We are in the process of painting them and bringing them to life. They did a beautiful job so far, I hope to post some pictures when they finish them. Lighthouses have such amazing correlation to our every day lives. Be a light, show the way, aid people in direction on their journeys (discipleship), and stand tall.

5 days

It's amazing how 5 days can feel so L-O-N-G....yet, so short at the same time. This past week, I have to admit, I wasn't exactly looking forward to. Teachers often get spoiled with having breaks in the week during the winter months due to snow delays and such. This week, I knew...the weather was going to be good, and we would be there all 5 days. Now, I know this is how school and my life is supposed to be...I just like how we have a little delay here and there to break up the week a bit. Okay, reading over that, I'm realizing how bad that makes me sound. :-/ Ha...well it's my blog, and I realize I will sound ridiculous at times. Either way, I was at school ALL 5 days this week, from 7:30-3:45. I feel accomplished. We got a lot done, and I was actually glad this week was a full week in the end. I really was. ;-)

So, I am still trying to find time to really enjoy what I do. What I mean is, rather then pushing through the day and just looking at the clock, "It's almost time to go home!", I want to soak up the day, and actually enjoy these kids. They are ridiculously funny, witty, emotional, childish (go figure!), loving, and sweet in every way. They look up to me. ME! ha! Where else can you go to work and really feel like a super star? It's not fair to the rest of the world who sit in really isn't. I get to go to school, teach little minds about the joy of creativity, receive notes and pictures, "Mrs. Balla, You Rock!"....or "I love my Art Teacher!"....who the heck else gets that kind of treatment? Not to mention, the every day hugs and love I get. Geesh...and compliments! These kids can dish out the sweetest things, and I believe they truly mean it. Kids are brutally honest, they really are. Sometimes they don't always say things you like, but most of the time, you eat it up. Yesterday we had our big school wide assembly to pep the kids up and show school spirit. I actually love going to them, besides the fact you can borderline lose your hearing, it's great. They do a slideshow every month of kids and people around the school. I cannot tell you how crazy the kids go when they see a teacher they know up there on the big's like they never see you and you're just this face on TV they wish they could meet. HELLO!! I am your teacher, you see me at least once a week and pretty much every day in the halls. But no, to them, in their little world, as Declan says..."You are like a superstar to them". I think for me, I am lucky that I know all 450 students in the school personally. They are not just a face to me, I teach them. So, hearing the shrills of all of them when my face comes up on the big screen, is just....funny...and flattering. I think that I will never really struggle with big-time self esteem issues being in this profession. It's just too positive, too fun, full of love, and 450 little "all-stars"....

What more could you seriously ask for?