Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Welcome to MY Circus!"

Today was a lot of fun so far, and its only 4:35pm. The family decided to get circus tickets, because Ringling Brothers was in town. We all set out early for the 11:00am show-and I have pictures to prove it.
The circus was followed up by a yummy lunch at PF Changs. You would never know it, but there was indeed a 1 1/2 year old with us...which made it all ok. I just happened to NOT get a picture of her, somehow.

...Continued from last post (Nice day for art class...outdoors!)

Friday. Nice Weather. Art Class. Great Combination.

Yesterday was an awesome day in art if I do say so myself. I was in a great mood. I had my 4th and 5th graders, whom I love...and we had some rad projects. I started off my morning doing printmaking with the kid's, and I thought it was going to be a catastrophe. It wasn't. They loved it! I have some fun pictures of that.

Rocker Chicks.

In 1st grade...we have way too much fun. ;-)

Cute, Cute, Ba-doop, Cute Ba-doop Ba-doop, Ba-doop

1st Grade Froggie Love....
Followed by some Wayne Thiebaud "Yummy Treats" as we call it in 2nd grade.

Gosh, I'll miss these kids.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Just like my Dad"

Today the weather was awesome. Declan and I were fortunate enough to get to enjoy it to the fullest. We went to the Philadelphia Zoo, and after a hard time finding parking (it was hustling and bustling out today!), we finally did get into the zoo, and were able to enjoy these crazy creatures God put on earth...or in the zoo. Seriously, there are some weird little beings out there (particularly, the naked mole rat...ick). Anyway. I found myself always 20 paces or so in FRONT of Declan at all times. I realize that maybe I am not fully "soaking" it all in, or maybe it was because of that long walk from the car to the gates and the blisters that were forming on my feet already-but, my hubby....he was in fact "soaking" it all in. He cannot pass up ONE sign without reading it. Not one. Now, knowing Declan's father, and having been on trips with him before (particularly workcamp and the trips the few days after), that man cannot pass up a sign either without reading it and learning all he can. As I'm 20 paces in front of him, I'm seeing new things that I want to see with him....I shout, "Dec! Come on, you've gotta see this...!" And I look back only to see this:
...and I hear this-"Kate...I'm just like my Dad! I like to read all the signs and learn all I can." How can I argue with that? Instead, I think its so cute, and take a picture of it, admittedly the thought of a cute blog in the back of my head. Oh, bliss.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am feeling the favor of the Lord right about now. I have been able to see his hand upon my life SO much lately, it's unbelievable! I have had the wonderful opportunity to have an amazing job this past year, giving me tons and tons of experience, and really making me feel very capable. However, this job was not a forever was a one year placement. I realize now why it wasn't contracted, because if it was my eyes wouldn't have been opened to other opportunities that may arise for the next school year. I located this job that seemed too good to be true. It's about 8-10 minutes away from our new home, still elementary, and best of all...contracted. Meaning, a "forever" job as I like to say. So, I send in all my "stuff"...hoping something may happen. I hear that there are 30 people who sent in applications...and I instantly get a little doubtful of myself. But, I find out last week...I get an interview. Wow....out of 30 people...I at least got an interview!

So, this interview happened YESTERDAY...yea, just yesterday-and I must say I had nothing but good feelings about how it all went. I am just more confident this time around with the whole interviewing thing. So-I get a phonecall around 5 this evening, just over 24 hours later.

I got the job.

It is April 17th, and I now have a permanent solution to my "forever" job's not longer a problem, I have some security, and all is well. I am floored. I now can have a carefree summer, feeling really excited about this opportunity to make this job my career. The Lord KNOWS that I have been struggling with how all this was going to work out with our new home coming in July-and he made it work. Flawlessly.

I feel so blessed, even more then I deserve. I am SO well taken care of-it makes me tear up thinking about it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sad drive to work.

Today, my ride to work was going as normal....until I realized that my gas light was about to come on. Well, I had five extra minutes, why not use it at the pump, right? Save myself a trip in the afternoon when I'm more anxious to go home anyway. So, I get my gas. ::Interjection:: (I just realized there is more I want to add to the story)....

So-sidenote. I was at the pump, when this scary man with a white beard, skinny and fragile looking, wearing an old flannel outfit came up to me. I have to admit, I was at first frightened because it was 6:55am and he startled me. So, picture this, only more homely, and yes...he was wearing a hat just like that:

Yea...I know what you're think I'm LYING. But, that is not the case. Dang it! I should have used my iphone for a good cause and snapped a picture in that moment. "Excuse me sir, can you pose for my blog because NO ONE will believe what you really look like!". Yea, right. I was nervous for my life.

Okay, so I wasn't that scared...just startled like I said earlier. Ahem. Back to the story. So, out of his mouth comes this:

"Young lady...young lady...I have to tell you....I saw on KYW that gas prices are going up to $6.00 a gallon...I'm tellin' you hun'...stock up on your better stock up or we're all going hungry!"

Did I mention he was not only crazy looking?

Anyway. So, me, in my startledness (if that was even a word)....said (to sort of get him to leave), "I believe it! Thanks for the info."

I'm a flippin' idiot! Who says that? Whatever. I was just thankful to see him walk away toward the street (No people, he didn't get into his car, and move on to his "normal" life....). The dude started walking down the sidewalk waving to the cars going by. Strange.

So anyway, back to the sad part of my morning. I told you the whole stopping-for-gas-story to say that the little delay of getting gas made me see something frightening before my eyes. Not a minute down the road after the gas station did that devil of a pt-cruiser just CRUSH this poor little peppy squirrel....and take his life...literally-before my eyes. Now, I am no animal rights activist or something ridiculous, and I'm not even that partial to rats, I mean squirrels-it was just the whole seeing the animal lose its life in a second thing that was just shocking. I know, I know...lame! I just felt really sad after seeing that, and knowing that I had to dodge the little dead body to make sure I didn't re-crush it. His little bouncy life just disappeared before my eyes, and for some strange reason just saddened me.

I am going to stop now, because as I type it, I realize how horribly pathetic it sounds.

Life is just precious. Maybe....even for a squirrel.

On that note:
Watch this youtube video of Randy Pausch giving his "last lecture" to a group at Carnegie Mellon. Talk about life being precious...this man has an amazing outlook on life, and he is dying. It is over an hour long, can find shorter clips on youtube.

Clicky Clicky

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Art Show

SOME pictures...not many. But just a little glimpse at what my Thursday and Friday were like. I am definitely proud, and that shows.

Friday, April 11, 2008

All my hard work

Today has been a great day. The last two days we (the art teachers) of our district got together and set up the district art show. It turned out lovely, and I had a few supporters who came to visit me and support our art. My hubby came, which meant a lot to me. My supervisor stopped by today and wanted me to take him around and show him some of my pieces, and what I was most proud of. He being very "supervisory", and official. At the end of the day he basically 'unofficially' asked me back for next year, full time, contracted, the whole bit. We didn't get into details, but the reason it is 'unofficial' is due to a person resigning, but they aren't doing this until their legal contract date of June 30th. He basically said, "Expect a call from me July 1". I am smiling and happy...the reason why....because I have something to fall back on now. Yes, I am trying to get a job closer to home and that is NO secret to anyone, but...the Lord knows how to give me a sense of security in a time when I could really use it. I am blessed beyond measure. He never fails me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The In-law's.

What does in-law mean anyway? I have married into a family and "in law" they are now considered my family, yes, according to the 'law'. Well, that is not the case for me. My so called, "in-laws" have been my family for roughly five years, and I have only been "legally" married for 9 months. What does this tell me? Family is so much more then legal boundaries or blood relation. Declan's family have always treated me equally, making me feel welcome, involved, and at home. I am blessed because often times you hear horror stories people have with their in-laws, and I really don't have that. I am blessed to just expand my family-they are not a nuisance to me, they are a lovely addition to my life.

Let's just say, in this family there is a lot of quirkiness, goofiness, over-talking eachother at the dinner table, emotional talks, games, and a whole lotta love. Can't complain. I've got it good.

Families are so unique, and mine definitely is :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hershey Recap (in images!)

Twizzlers, Kisses, Reeses, Oh My!

Lots of love for the birthday girl!
Lots o' Fun.

I do believe the pictures say it all!

Ta, Ta!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday over in 49 minutes.

Today was nice. I am still sort of convinced, though, that birthdays really don't get 'better' as you age.

Not bad, though...not bad.

Present from Sue (yay for more shopping spree money!)
Flowers and a balloon
Breakfast at Nudy's (get your mind out of the gutter)
Mall trip (with a personal shopper....three cheers for Sue)
Lyryn and Jayden met up with us for a brief time
Other random shops
Cute clothes, great deals
New shoes (2 pairs, thank you!)
23 heard me right (my husband is a man of traditions...and it started with 18 sent to my high school 5 years ago....)
Cute card
Hershey Park
The Comet
Super Dooper Looper
Great Bear
Barf. ( barfing....head spinning? indeed.)
home now

Nice day all together. Had fun with my hubby and my sissy. Pictures you ask..? Oh, well Sue has them all...when will I get them? Who knows....

Friday, April 4, 2008

23. Not yet, but almost.

Tonight, my family took me to Bonefish for my birthday dinner. It was quite yummy as always. Tomorrow is my actual birthday, but my parents had some other things planned for that day. No big deal, that's why I have a husband and sisters who can entertain me on my birthday...right? ::wink::
Declan definitely looks a little sleepy in this shot...well, he was running off of 3 hours sleep. (As I type this, it is 9:30pm and Declan is sound asleep next to me....come on, he was up working on a website all night....poor guy) Still, gotta love him.
My old-man and my lovely sister, with her new short do. I'm telling you...everyone's cutting their hair off, its the new it thing. "Do the DO". I'll market that.
The table is hiding Kesh's 5.5 month preggo belly, but my 2nd little niece, Kylie is in there! This is Kesh's sister, Lindsay on the right. Both, are rockin' the stripes!This picture about sums up the night. Anywhere Kyra is at the same place as my dad...forget about having any grown up conversations, my dad just LOVES to play with her, hold her, figure out new games to play, or just be goofy with her. Here, you can see that he is trying to EAT her for dessert...and she is giving the "Pop Pop, You're CRAZY" look. She is learning fast. Very cute picture, and as always...Kyra is very good entertainment for cheap. We love her.

Oh, and I got shopping spree money from my parents!!! Weeeeee!!! So, where will I be tomorrow? Yep...out and about buying myself some fresh new clothing. I also got 3 cute tops from Kesh and Jim. Yay for that.