Monday, June 30, 2008

So soon.

Today we went into our house for another walk-through. So much more has gotten done! We are looking at an official settlement date of July 23rd.

So, below you see our house....much more to the finished point! YAY! We have farmhouse red shutters, and YES, the garage door is ON...just not down at the moment we were there. It is looking like home more and more. We are SO excited. Our project manager, Chris...conveniently in the picture. He is a great guy. I have to say that our experience with Ryan Homes has been really good so far. We feel blessed, indeed.

This is part of my kitchen....and so far, I'm in love. The lighting doesn't quite capture the true color of the cabinets. They are more chocolatey and less reddish like this picture shows. However, our floor...for being linoleum...I LOVE. It looks rocky, and trendy, and it's so us. I guess I'm saying we are solid as rocks and good looking? Ha, yes indeed. Our counter is going in today or tomorrow.

Here is the foyer area taken from the back basement. You can see that our hardwood floor is in but covered in brown paper so they keep it nice and beautiful :-) I LOVE the light fixtures in this house. I have to say, they are definitely more modern then some old gold-looking light fixtures. You can see our oak spindles leading up to the living room/kitchen level.

So there you have it....for pictures today, at least. I took a bunch more, but I just don't think any of them do it justice. All of the bathrooms are pretty much finished, have all the fixtures in it, flooring, toilet's, sinks, cabinets, tubs, all of it. My closets are done...I can't wait for them to filled! Ahhh...the excitement.
I have to say, when we were in it seemed big. I know later in life I will look back and be like, "That thing was TINY!"...but for now, for me and will be so comfortable and just perfect for us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All 9 of us.


Sunrise, sunrise...looks like morning in your eyes

The other morning I was woken up at 5:10am. I wasn't quite sure why, but I was pretty wide awake, and thought..."hmm...maybe I could get myself up to see the sunrise on the beach?" Pretty quickly I decided, "Eh, no way" and rolled back over. I could NOT fall back asleep, though. I decided I'd nudge at Declan and ask if he'd go with me to watch the sunrise. To NO surprise at all, he basically was like, "Psshhhh NO"....which I expected, and he turned back over and went back to snoozing. So, I wrestled with my thoughts for a few minutes, but felt more like an hour...and decided at 5:25am, I was GOING. I got on my yoga pants, sports bra, and tank top....searched for my husband's iPod, tied my sneakers tight, oh yea...and grabbed my camera, for evidence I got up this early. I ran down to the beach (about 2 blocks)....and found myself a nice little place to plop down in the sand and watch this gorgeous display of lights and God's majesty in the sky before me. I turned on Shawn McDonald's, Beautiful.

Perfect.(yes, I took this!)

As I look off into the distance
Watching the sun roll on by
Beautiful colors all around me, oh
Painted all over the sky
The same hands that created all of this
They created you and I
What a beautiful God

After I watched most of the sunrise, I walked blocks down the beach, then just all around for about two miles. The Lord and I....we had a nice time. ;-)

Oh yea, and the proof? You asked for it. You got it. No makeup and all. I'm raw, I tell ya.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is our beach house...well, the living room/kitchen. It is to die for. It literally has only been our first full day of vacation, and it has been VERY enjoyable so far.

This girl below makes it very enjoyable. My sweet little niece, Kyra. She LOVES to play in water, and is completely and utterly fearless. She loves the ocean, loves the pool, loves the sand...loves life. She has been so fun to be around.

Some more images of her cuteness.

Lastly, me and my hubby. I love him dearly, and it is so much fun being on vacation together.

Getting lots of great pictures this week, so more updates to come.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shutters: Check. (Although, they will be farmhouse red, along with the door!)

Garage Door: Check.

Stone on the front: Not yet. But, in my next picture...probably :-)

Progress, people....Progress!

Oh, and a bit of good news. Settlement should be the week of July 14th....!!
We are really down to the wire here....and SO dang excited ;-)

Monday, June 16, 2008


I had every intention of blogging. However, I am sitting at my laptop....blank. It could be due to the E! True Hollywood Story on Full House (only my favorite childhood show....ever), or it could be due to the overload of things I could possibly blog about, and I just can't narrow it down. Should I write about the most amazing bathroom makeover ever (okay, I'm tooting my own horn), or should I write about our fun Father's day at the pool....? How about the overload of paperwork I was drowning in earlier for our mortgage paper work? Nah. Boring. I could blog about our siding being put on our house....oooOooOoo pretty! But, I am bored with the house updates. Or, last but not least...I could blog about the very needed vacation my entire family is taking this week (saturday to saturday)....but, it would be much better to blog once we are THERE on vacation, or heck, even home.

....Yep, still blank.

Maybe if I'm motivated later in the week, I'll write. Until then....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Super Cute.

Aunt Katie makes the best fo-hawk's ever on a kid who has barely any hair.

The tools:
Hair Spray
Good working fingers
An Eyelash comb.....yes, I said eyelash comb. His hair is really, really fine. ;-)

He didn't even remotely act like he was being tortured. I think he liked it.
He looked cute as a button. Don't ya think?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just call me "Foreman Katie"

Don't hate. Orange is NOT my color ;-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calm after the Storm...or School

Since school has ended, my life has been much calmer. I think I have just not been covering up things with busy-ness, so I feel raw. If that makes any sense at all. I guess, I just feel more in touch with who I am. Wow, when I say that, I feel incredibly ridiculous. Ha! Anyway, it is true. I have been able to really see and feel that my headaches really haven't gone away yet. That is frustrating to me. Every day has been filled with painful headaches. I am still working on what that may be, and I did indeed go to the doctor and got some medicine as to what they think it may's not seeming to help right now. Other then that, I am able to actually have the TIME to care about what I am eating. I hadn't realized how bad I had been eating the last year...and now that I am caring about it, it really isn't so hard. I am also able to find time to work out everyday, which is quite awesome with this heat wave going on right now....ha. I can't complain too much, because it is paying off. With the extra time, I am able to catch up with friends who I haven't seen in a long time. Overall, the calm is good.

Friday, June 6, 2008

School's Out for the Summer!

It is officially done. My first year of teaching.

I am happy and sad all in the same. Actually, maybe more happy than sad. Hey, I'm honest.

So, I am taking this summer really trying to get healthy. I am trying not to just say it, but do it. I already started this morning with a nice, long walk/run around the neighborhood, and an ab work out. I am literally writing down everything I eat, but we'll see how long that lasts. I am trying to keep my calories low. I need to get off that 6lbs I gained this school year, plus some. Scratch that, plus a lot. So, we'll see how it goes. I'm feeling pretty good this time around. It's been too long since I've been healthy. Sad, I know.

Wish me the best.

Getting more and more complete.

Our house is still growing. It is to the point now that it won't grow unless we throw more money at it, ha....but, we are ready for them to finish what is done.

We went through the house twice this week, and although it is a bit small....we are still so blessed. It is our FIRST home, and we have to remember that. I can't wait to get in there and make it ours.

We are looking at the very end of July for settlement. So, less then two months!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


In 3.5 day's I have officially begun my summer, and successfully, (yea I said it) completed my first year of teaching. In college, I feel like so much emphasis is put onto that first year of teaching, as the professors try to scare you out of teaching (in my opinion to ween out all the weaklings), I was never all that scared. I am proud to say that although every day brings new hardships, and although my patience is stretched and tested to the very last fiber of its the end of the day, I love to teach.

Some highlights of my year are as follows:
-Seeing the kid who failed miserably in every other class....but amazing.
-Seeing the students glowing as they work on a project they absolutely fell in love with
-Hearing my little Kindergarten classes sing "Smartist Artist" (my warm up song), and do the hand motions.
-Realizing these kids really do retain the information I teach them about artists...and thanking God I had an amazing art history teacher in college who taught me everything I know
-Getting hugs from students who just need love
-My hundreds upon thousands of drawings and letters I've collected from students all year long.
'Mis BaL, Yur the Best evr!' Gotta love it.
Dismissing them every afternoon and seeing them off to their buses and their parents
-Working with an incredible staff, who took me in and really became my friends.
-Seeing a lesson I really thought through come to life, and realizing that the one that took me two seconds to come up with....was so much better. That's the story of my life right there ;0
-Having a student come up to me and say, "You're the BEST art teacher I've ever had"...and realizing they're in 1st grade, and have really only ever HAD me. Ha.
-Getting birthday cupcakes, donuts, cake, etc brought to my door non-stop....hence the 6lbs I've gained.
-Being alone in a classroom with students. (After student teaching, it is so strange that you really are in charge, all by yourself....a grueling reality.)
-Having a million great pictures to show for my year.
-Knowing I've made a difference in these kid's lives...and hopefully they'll remember me for all the fun and silly times they had in my class.


I won't even bother to go into any downfalls. Obviously, as to every situation, there are downfalls....but quite honestly, after typing out that list of SOME of my highlights-the downfalls don't even quite matter at all. I would rather leave on a good note, realizing that I survived my first year of teaching, and best of all, that I love it. I have read horror stories of first year teachers just hating it....and they end up quitting. I just have to say, I am blessed to love what I do.

With that said, I am so very grateful for a summer to re-energize for a new school year.

Signing off....Teacher Katie.