Monday, July 28, 2008

We're in!!

The last 7 days have consisted of:

lots and lots of paint
moving fridges in...and moving them out (oh yea, first one...too big!)
tiling the backsplash in the kitchen
putting together furniture from ikea
moving boxes up and down, up and down, up and down...(our house...3 stories)
friends helping us (WHAT A BLESSING!!)
late, late, LATE nights
making a cute home for us

I have had an amazing and busy last 7 days, but it is all worth it!

I would love to post pictures, in fact I tried, but picture uploading isn't working right's being a pain in my blog.

Also, my internet connection is not exactly up and running at the new place, so I will be posting not so much in the next few weeks.

For now....look at my pictures on facebook. Tell me you think we're amazing. Okay, kidding.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Dinner Night.

A mix of random conversation
Talking over one another
Attila's fine cooking (or even grilling on a good night)
Salad bar with all the fixin's
Tripping over Jayden and his toys to get to the kitchen
Dr. Pepper
Lots of laughs and smiles
Catching up with each other
Genuinely caring about each other
Lots and lots of love

Can't you feel the love? I can.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KJ Squared

Well, we have another KJ addition to the world. Last night at 8:36pm my sister-in-law, Kesh gave birth to her and my brothers second daughter, Kylie Joy. I can already tell she is going to be one timely little girl, as she came RIGHT on her due date. Isn't she sweet? I already love the little angel. Anyway, she was 8lbs 2oz, and 22 1/4 inches long. I am so happy for them, because the birth was a breeze... very, very different than the birth of my first niece, Kyra Jean. The family went by last night to meet her, and I went back today to get a little time to actually hold her. Here is a shot that Kesh took for me while there. Oh yea, and Mommy and Daddy of Kylie are doing fabulous!

And a shot of the little love muffin only an hour or so after she arrived into the world!

I do like being an aunt, I must say.


It is absolutely, 100%, crazy and surreal that Declan and I will be homeowners in 5 days. We drove by tonight, and my garden has been planted, my grass (well, sod) is in, and grass seed is everywhere driveway is done....EVERYTHING on the inside is complete, and clean, and just ready for a happy, young couple like ourselves to move in.


Here is our baby, well...part of it, showing the sod and driveway. Yea, the little things excite me. Next updates will be of my COMPLETED on the INSIDE and fully decorated home. yay ;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clouds and Polar Bears, the perfect combination.

I have been working with a client on a mural proposition for the last month or so. She is a meteorologist, and yes, she is on the news EVERY morning. Watch her on the CW Philly Wake Up :-) Anyway, she just loves clouds, and her hubby just loves polar bears. So, for her baby in her stomach, she wanted to create an adorable blend of polar bears and clouds to make the perfect nursery. I actually think it has turned out rather adorable.

It is halfway done...and here is one wall so far.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm back and in full gear ahead

Well, well....the 7 days of Reach Workcamps has passed, and I have had my "fix" for the summer. I had an amazing time with my friend Breck, and and unexpected, but lovely surprise from our other bff, Jennie. It was SO fun to have the three of us all together again. I just love those girls. We worked so hard all week, and it was awesome to be able to be a blessing to the staff.

Well, the days are getting closer and closer until we settle on our house. Next week, we will be home owners! I am so excited. I can't wait to post pictures when it's all done.

Went into my classroom today, and took my lovely sister with me. I have to say, now that my floors are waxed, it looks SO amazing. I just love my room. I can't BELIEVE I am even saying that. God CAN do miracles ;-)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

On a whim.

So, here I sit at the Detroit International Airport. Nope, not kidding...I really am here. Why? Because I am awaiting my connecting flight to Akron/Canton Ohio, then on my way to Cuyahoga Falls. That is right...I cannot deny my need for my annual Reach Workcamps fix.

This morning Declan and I woke up, like any other normal Saturday morning....kinda late, and groggy. We decided to get ready, and then head out to lunch...yea, don't snicker...we got up that late :-) In all fairness, I was up late last night helping my little adopted sister-in-law paint her room baby pink and tangerine orange. Hotness...yesss for sure. Anyway, back to the story. So, I decided to text my dear Reach friend, Breck and let her know we need a phone-date this week. (We both are pretty busy, and it's just hard to get eachother unless its completely planned...lame, I know) So, she texts me back and tells me she is flying to Ohio for the Cuyahoga Falls workcamp...and that she will try to call. All the sudden, my head starts going crazy..."Why aren't I going? I totally should go!"....and to my surprise my sweetie also thought it would be a great idea for me to go too. (No no...he didn't have any 'agenda'...okay, endless Wii playing without a nagging wife? All the time in the world to do design work? Going to bed whenever he wants?....okay, so there may have been some sort of agenda, but nevertheless...he backed me up)

Anyway, we are at the restaurant, and try looking for flights on our lovely iPhones, but it just wasn't working out too well. We went straight home, and started looking, and actually found some deals. However, because I was within the 4 hours of needing to LEAVE for my flight, they wouldn't accept the great online deals. My sweet agenda-less *snicker* husband, out of the kindness of his-dying-to-play-Wii-without-a-nagging-wife heart, looked forEVER for flight deals for me. Victoriously....he found them. Two different one-way tickets...but heck, it works, right? Yea, I may be going COMPLETELY out of the way, but my arrival and destination are correct...who can complain?

So, at 2:45, my hubby books a departing flight for me that leaves from Philly at 4:20. Hmm...yea, do the math. We are talking essentially an hour and a half, and well, Philly is at LEAST 45 minutes away, give or take traffic. My husband is a race-car driver at heart, let's just say. We made it in one piece, and I had time to spare, made it through check-in and security in record time. It was a rush, for sure. SO not like me.

I must say, that as I may have hit Declan that I will be gone for 7 days, and only recently did we have our first night apart since we've been married. I hope he misses me bad, he deserves it.


Gotta love the freedom of a teacher's summer.

Reach Workcamp, here I come. Early mornings, Wakey Wakey morning music, Photo-guiding, cheering on the kids, making relationships with the residents whose home's we fix, and reuniting with old friends. Making an impact. What more can you do in 7 days? Not much.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Storage closet-not-so-nightmare'ish anymore...

I must say, I am very proud of myself for taking on the daunting task of the storage closet today. I am SO mad at myself for not taking a before picture, because really, I'm not sure if you people out there really believe just how bad this closet was. Let's just say, the floor was basically covered before, and I found crayons that were from the 1970's...yea, and you thought I was making this up.

I am SO stinkin' proud of this. Oh, and by the way....this is only about 1/5 of the entire closet...but, the rest is looking mighty fine too. People in the school were "hearing" about this storage-closet-makeover and coming from afar to see it with their own eyes. I am so excited to give myself a fresh new start at this school, organized, and ready to go. Woo!

I never knew organization made me this happy.
Am I turning into my mother-in-law? *Love ya Kristin!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been reading Walking with the Women of the Bible, by Elizabeth George. It's a really great devotional that helps the everyday 2008 woman connect to the beautiful women of the Bible. I love it so far.

They talk about Sarah (formally Sarai) and Abraham. Sarah was an amazing lady of faith. She stuck by her husband, when he did dumb things, and he stuck by her, too. Sounds all too familiar :-) One of the things I love are the little tidbits of things that you can hold onto with you all day and just dwell on.

I love this:

"How can we look forward and faithfully follow God when circumstances are bad? Here's a great acronym!

Face Forward. Real life happens in the present, and God's blessings happen now and in the future.

Accept your circumstances. God uses the difficulties of life to help you mature and grow in Him.

If you're following God, you will find Him in all of your circumstances.

Trust in the Lord. God will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is focused on Him.

Hope for the future. God is a bright star who will light your path in the present darkness."

My new prayer is for more faith.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ick, icky, yuck, ew...gross.

Today I decided I would stop pretending that I was off for the rest of my life, and decided to head into school to see the current state of my art room. Well...I think you get where I'm going just from the title of this post. ICK, icky, YUCK, EWWWwwwwww and GROSS is right. Let me first start by prefacing the story. This is the art room which is in an older building (remember...I work at two building right across the street from one another), and where a teacher has been there for 40 years, hence the build up of CRAP, and this is the one I was dreading the most. So, I decided I'd start with this one, rather then the cute newer school that I also teach at. Start with the worst first, right? Sounded like a plan to me. Well, I should have taken the hint about just how bad it was when I was walking down the hall with the wonderful secretary who was introducing me to all the custodians...saying, "These people will be your new best friends!". Not only that but the resounding jokes about the god-forsaken-disgusting-and-overly-DISORGANIZED storage closet coming from all the wonderful custodians. I just smiled, and pretended I could conquer the world...or, the classroom. I decided that today, I was not going to battle the closet just yet...but the cabinets and storage around the classroom first. Yes, that would be a good idea, to ease into the closet nightmare....or so I thought.

Reminder: I did NOT go into the closet today.

8 Huge trashcans and 4 small trashcans, and 3.5 hours LATER....

MOST....most being the keyword, of my closets/drawers/etc are cleaned and organized.

Let me just give you a little idea of just how crazy things were. I came across two drawers next to the sink, and with fear....I open them. I came across this:

What the flip! Who the heck needs 5,000 paint brushes?!
It's not like you're painting with the army! It's more like 24 kids MAX at a time. So, you wouldn't even believe how long it took me to go through and organize these brushes. I am sort of anal about my supplies, so I got out tins, and separated them into 4 different sizes of brushes, and chucked the ones that were hardened with paint, had spazzed out hair-do's (basically, meaning the bristles are going out of control due to LACK OF CARE!), or the ones that were broken into pieces. I am starting to feel like the first day of art class needs to be art class BOOT camp on how to take care of supplies and materials the correct way. We'll see how that goes, but that is my plan.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to go back and tackle the closet. Hmm...Not. By the way it's never good when the secretary says, "Do you have friends who can help?".

Nope...not good at all.

Any takers?