Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 3 of the 4 day weekend.

Today my little family (Declan, myself and Mac) went to Hibernia Park. We first took Mac to the pet store and got him some better puppy shampoo. Then, we went to wawa and got ourselves some sandwiches to take to the park. We set out, put our blankets out under a nice shady tree by the playground, and ate our lunch. Little Mac made some friends with some little girls at the park. We took a walk all around the park, and just enjoyed the beautiful, sunny, breezy and lovely day. We really had a good time. Declan and I both realized just how tranquil the outdoors are. We both really did know this, but to be honest...we just don't spend a lot of time outdoors. I think we both like it more than we think.

Anyway, it has been a relaxing day overall. In fact, there is still more day to this lovely long weekend. How excellent ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A new do!

I LOVE IT! It's short. It's sassy. It's classy. Professional. I feel really good. Woooohooo!
A side look....
A blurry one, yet a good view of the back all short and choppy.
What do you think?

Friday, August 29, 2008

My God shall supply all my needs

So, ever have one of those days where you are just finally fed up with your hair enough that you are ready to just give it a good cut again? Well, that has been me for the last week. I have been putting it off for a few reasons. One, I am just trying not to "spend" too much money these days (Just paid my mortgage for the first time, today...ouch!). Secondly, I'm having an internal battle because I have a wedding to be in come December, and you always think about what type of cute do you can have when your hair is cut too short. Well, I finally had it. I have to do what's best for me. So, I decide I am going to do it, I am going to call a new place. I have a salon that I have been using the past few years, but...I just keep feeling like they aren't the "best" for the younger generation. So, with the new move, I figured I would try the place next door.

So, I give them a call...and am hoping, crossing my fingers, praying that maybe, just maybe they could squeeze me in today, because, just can't wait. The lady tells me that they are just so busy today, and she really couldn't get me in until more like 6pm. I am a good wife, and know my hubby comes home then, and with the combo of that, and a friday night...I don't want to be hearing snip snip when I could be enjoying dinner and a movie with the mr. man. So, she says...."how about tomorrow morning?" Tomorrow morning? Okey Dokey. Worked for me. She says..."Are you a new client?" I tell her absolutely yes and that I'm excited to try them since I am hoping to find a new place to give my business.

So, I didn't quite get exactly what I wanted...but, nevertheless...this hair will be taken care of tomorrow.

----Reminder: still feeling a little guilty about the money, well, because...its not Super Cuts.

So, after lunch, I go to the PO box and get our mail (because our lovely townhome development is too stinking lazy to put in our cluster box which should have been in...umm...3+ weeks ago, Not.).

In the mail we got this packet, a 'welcome packet' of sorts. It says something like, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" When I got home, I threw it on the counter and forgot about it. A few minutes ago, I was cleaning up some things, and saw that packet again. Lately, I've been more thrifty with things like coupons, and decided to take a look inside. First I see some little coupons for local medical care, and oil changes....and OH MY GOSH you can't believe whats next (well, I'm sure you guessed it but I'm still tickle-me-pink excited)....



That's me! That's me! That's me!

Now, I don't have to feel guilty for getting my hair did tomorrow. I also know why they were "booked" and I couldn't get in earlier. I wouldn't have gotten my "welcome packet" and wouldn't have gotten my free hair cut and my little blessing in disguise.

Kyra Jean

I've realized that I've been a bad aunt, and have never posted about my adorable 1st niece.

This is the most adorable girl in the world, my niece, Kyra (sounded out like KEE-RA, and definitely not K-EYE as in eyeball-RA, as my grandmom likes to say). This little girl is a light and a joy to everyone she meets. I have just loved getting to be her aunt. I often wish I just had more time to see her and spend time with her.

She is too cute for words. She definitely resembles her beautiful mommy. Kyra has a smile that can make you melt, and give her whatever her wittle heart desires. Yep, she's got her PopPop wrapped around her teeny weeny finger, already.

Kyra will be 2 years old in November. It's so crazy to look back and think that the day she was born really only felt like a few months ago. It makes me feel old in my young age of 23, and it sure as heck tells me that life really does fly by.

...I love you little girl!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tough, but worth it.

Tell me this face isn't worth it?
We love him, we really do. But anyone who has a dog knows that a puppy is a ton of work. It has its fun moments, and its super, duper frustrating moments. You the moments when you take him out for say...half hour at at a time, and then he doesn't go potty...but, conveniently when you bring him inside, he goes. Frustrating. Cleaning up a dirty cage. Frustrating. The nipping and biting. Frustrating. A puppy's normal behavior? Absolutely. I know that since we are being consistent with him, it will pay off. He will be such an awesome dog in a few months, but it always takes the grueling leg work now. Is he fun and friendly and loving, and cute as a button when he's sleepy and floppy? Yes....
We love Mac...we just keep telling ourselves it will get easier when he gets a little bigger.

So...getting a puppy was the PERFECT cure for my baby itch. That itch is gone. For now.

Tell me this face isn't worth it?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tomorrow my sister, Sue and my brother, Steve are headed on a long 17 hour trip to Zambia, Africa. I am so excited for them, and sort of jealous. I have the desire to go, but it always lines up with the start of the school year. Word on the street, I may get to go next summer due to the timing. However, I have some prior commitments (weddings I'm in), and I have to make sure it will work out. If I am able to go , I think I am meant to go. But, for now...Sue and Steve are going. I'm SO excited for them. Susan will be there for 3 months, and Stevie just for two weeks. I think he will have such a good time, and those little kids are going to fall in love with him. He, too will fall in love with them, I'm sure. Keep them in your prayers if you think about it. Pray for safety for their journey on the plane, and all traveling...that they would be a light and an impact wherever they go.

I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories when they're back.

If you'd like to follow any info while Sue is there for 3 months, check out her blog:

Here's to you, Sue and Steve....I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

hooked up

We are hooked up. Internet and finally....cable tv. They say it takes 15 days or something to break a habit (or start one)...and well, we have been 3o + days without it, and I am so glad to have it back.

Today was the first day of school with the kids being there, and it went great. I am not feeling very full of words these days, but soon, very soon people...I will have better posts. I swear. Or, well, those are my intentions.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

These days.

I love family days. Today is one of them.

Being completely and utterly goofy with my big sis and little bro.
I love macs. Photo booth is always there for a little fun.

Friday, August 22, 2008

the crazyness begins...

I have gone MIA...I know. The hustling and bustling of the school year has began, and well, being a teacher, I am so very caught up in it. I have my classrooms all set up, granted, I need some more posters, and cute things....but it's pretty well set. I have my seating charts all done, and my lesson for Monday. Whirlwind, I tell ya.

But, I'm excited. Ready, and excited. Once the kids get purpose is right before me. I can't wait to meet the kids and start learning their names.

So, I am enjoying my last weekend before the madness of school begins.

Oh, and I'm getting internet Monday, so I will be a (more) faithful blogger at that point.

On another note, my sissy is leaving for Africa for three months...and so I want to spend a lot of time with her.

So, here I go!

Happy weekend all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lyryn's Day

Today is Lyryn’s day. She turns 26 today. I am so proud of her for who she is, and knows herself to be. I am proud of the strong woman she is becoming. I love her as a best friend, and more so as my sister. I love Lyryn because our friendship is never boring. We love each other so much, that we often treat each other like poo b/c we feel that comfortable with one another. Funny, I know. We are so similar in a lot of ways, and so very different in others. I envy the calm, cool, and collected mother she is to her son. She is a loyal wife. This girl needs to be celebrated, and today is her day. I love you, Lyryn Kay, and happy birthday girlfriend. ☺

As tradition stands….

To Lyryn, on her 26th birthday:

I can’t believe another year has gone by
People often say that your life will fly

At 26 you’ve been through a ton
To you, it feels like everything under the sun

Through all things you’ve been molded and shaped
Into God’s perfect “You”, he did make

So on this birthday make sure you know
His hand of protection is with you wherever you go

Let the light of Jesus shine through your eyes
This is the year to stop believing the enemies lies

For you are a strong, brave and amazing girl
So let your light shine to all the world

This day, your birthday, your special day
May you be celebrated in every way

For the person you were, are, and are going to be
Best friend, Sister, counselor, supporter, you are to me.

I love you.

Happy 26th!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mac, the pup.

Well, Declan and I caved. To cure the baby bug, we got a puppy. I must say, it helped. I no longer am craving to be preggo and with-child. Not now, someday for sure, but not now. Puppies are a TON of work, and children...even more.

So, let me introduce you to our new family member, Mac. He is a 3 month old Yorkshire Terrier, will be about 10-12lbs when full grown, but now, weighs in at a whopping 5lbs. He is currently working on being house-trained, which is a long, hard process. Day by day he is getting it. He is full of energy, kisses and love. Right now, he nips when he plays, which is probably my least favorite thing about him right now (and Declan's too...considering all the cuts on his poor hands from the little guy).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Word on the street is...

we still don't have internet or cable tv. I have joked that I feel like I am living Amish-like, although I know that is a wee bit of an exaggeration. I don't have to clean up cow dung all day, and I still have running water, a fridge, and oh yea, air conditioning. So, as for now, I steal internet from random people on the street (not joking), or I go to random Panera's...or heck, my parents house. I need to blog/check facebook/check email/myspace/facebook/facebook/facebook and repeat. Who doesn't?

My husband is "working" on the internet situation, but how do I say this.....he is....too nice? Yea, that's right. I would have used my bad-ace skills to get a manager on the phone, and my nasty tone of voice (yea, you heard me) to get the whole verizon/Fios situation worked out. Declan, he is too sweet. He's all 'yes sir, I'll wait till Monday' (for the 40th time!). I am all, 'Let's go to comcast and stick it to 'em!'

That's why we make a great team. Balance, it's all about the balance.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anniversary Recap.

Yesterday was fun, but might I say, not near as eventful as my wedding day. Ha, naturally I suspect. Although, I did ask Declan if I could get in my wedding dress, just because…and he replied with, “No babe, you can wear them one day in your life, and look beautiful, after that, it’s just creepy.” Of course, he is thinking horror-story’ish. Typical.

The things that made my anniversary simply wonderful:

-Having an excuse to get all pretty, and dressed up. I wore the dress that I wore for our rehearsal dinner. (Note: The picture shows another dress, because, well, right before we left, I somehow broke the strap to this dress. Cheap thing. Boy am I glad that rehearsal dress fit.)
-Dinner with my sweetheart at a cool new restaurant (to us)….the Blue Pear.

-Dancing to our songs together. (At this moment, I was glad we had a big open dance floor in our kitchen where our non-existent dining room table should be.) I am making this a tradition, and yes, our kids will say in 15 years…”Ewww what kind of music is this?” But, we love them. (Thank you Ben Folds and Lifehouse)

-Going through memory boxes. This is something we meant to do when we first got married. They were our date boxes, of things we kept, wrote to one another, gave each other, etc. I was very much looking forward to this, and it was a lot of fun. Six years of stuff really added up. It was amazing to see how in love we were at the age of 16. Note: I will never let my children date that seriously! Haha….
-Chocolate covered strawberries, compliments of me. Mmmmm!

I must say it was a wonderful first anniversary overall, indeed. The best thing about it is that I still have him when the day is over.

Monday, August 4, 2008

365 days as husband and wife.

One year ago today….at this time, I was getting my hair done up like a princess, and feeling like the most lucky girl in the world. I was getting ready to, in a few hours, see the love of my life and make a covenant with Declan to God in front of our friends and family. I wasn’t nervous, not in the slightest bit. I had been waiting for this day for a long time, even at my young age of 22. I knew that I was marrying my perfect match. My entire year of planning for this very day was all worth it, and every detail turned out awesome. My groom, he looked so handsome. I remember seeing him out of the bridal suite window, and my heart jumped a little. I started to tear up because I knew that in only a few short hours I could finally call him my husband. I remember peeking out the window and saying, “Oh my goodness, he just looks so adorable!” He did. When we had our “moment” together before the wedding (since we did pictures before the wedding)…the joy inside me was like no other. When I came walking down that aisle of trees, and you at the other end, facing the opposite direction in anticipation…I couldn’t help but want to leap into your arms. When you turned…you stepped back, and gasped, you held your stomach…you literally lost your breath. You were crying. I was crying. It was a beautiful moment. I am so glad our first moment together was able to be private like that, because hours later when I came down the aisle to you…I was able to have the biggest smile on my face, free of tears and non-runny make up : -) . Through the entire ceremony, I was giddy. When asked if I would take you as my husband, I shouted, “HECK YES I WILL!”, and I meant it. Everyone laughed. You choked through the vows, I was surprised how emotional you were, and your mom’s eyes were turned on like a fountain, too. When we were finally able to kiss, you laid one on me….and when we got to walk down the aisle as husband and wife, I screamed, “I have a husband!!”. I didn’t care about what anyone thought.

The rest of the night was not a blur at all, in fact…it was the BEST party I’ve ever been to. We had SO much fun with all our friends, and our family….dance, dance, dancing the night away. My feet hurt so bad the next day! We were literally almost the last people to leave, we didn’t want to stop the party. It was a b-l-a-s-t. You were my husband now, I loved calling you that. Today, it has been a year. I still love to call you my husband, and I’m proud of you. I love going out with you, and in fact, sometimes you say…”Why do you love me so much?”. I am pretty much obsessed with you, in a good way. Nothing sounds better than a Friday night spent curled up with you watching a movie. You still are always my favorite company to have. I think you always will be. You were my best friend before we started dating over 7 years ago…why wouldn’t you still be now? I love living life with you. I love going to bed with you and waking up next to you. I don’t ever get bored with you. You make my life complete, and that statement, as lame as it may be, is so, so true. I am blessed by the man you are, and you have allowed me to be the best wife I can be. You have allowed me to walk in freedom, and I thank you for that. Thank you for being the husband God has called you to be.

I have said this to a lot of people in the last few months…but the first year of marriage, for us…was a piece of cake. It was full of joy, fun times, making decisions, buying our first house, loving eachother, and being ourselves. I feel so honored to live life with you by my side.

Happy 1 year, baby!