Saturday, September 27, 2008

Follow me!

To all ye faithful readers of de blog. Click the link to the right, and become a follower. If you also blog using blogger, in your dashboard it will tell you updates of the people you follow, etc. I also am a follower of blogs (aka: stalker, tehehe).

Kidding. But, no, you should really do it. Because really? I just look pathetic with only two followers, and people...I know there are way more of you reading my blog. I just know it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The best quote of the day.

I wrote it down on a note pad on my desk seconds after it was said.

Where do these kids get their ideas? They are PRICELESS.

People, this is WORD for WORD.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall brings friendly competition

I've started to notice my neighbors all getting 'cutesy' on me with their front yards. In the last two months, they have been the ones with the raggedy gardens with weeds growing like a bad case of the chicken pox. Mine has been personalized since we moved in...we planted, and thanks to a parent last year who worked at Esbenshade Garden Center, I had a lovely planted pot that is HUGE out front. Well, last night...I looked around and realized my neighbors were catching up with me. They had fall decorations out, and their houses, if could speak, would have said "come in, I'm a friendly home...we have a welcoming entrance". I swear, its true. I want my house to be that friendly. I asked Declan if we could go out and get some more flowers (like fall mums), and maybe even pumpkins. I think the front of my house looks adorable and welcoming now. I love it. I may just have the best garden now. :-) See? Competitive.

Oh, and I had the flag up for the last two weeks. That isn't new. But, the mums...the hay stack, the pumpkins...all new. Cute, right?Oh...and a little indian corn wreath too :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Symmetrical Diamonds, by 3rd Grade

I love, love, love, LOVE these. We talked about symmetry, horizontal and vertical lines, outlining, and how to use oil pastels. I can't wait to hang these in the hall tomorrow.

Tooth Pup-Fairy

Mac has lost his two bottom front teeth! He is so cute. Reminds me of the days when you cannot WAIT to go to sleep to see what the tooth fairy brings you. I bet the pup-fairy brings treats....hmmm. We'll have to see tonight.*

*Since I last posted this (like 20 minutes ago)...Mac has lost yest ANOTHER tooth, right in a row. His third tooth right up front. I'm so proud!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Those lovely days.

Oh how I love those two days
where anything goes
and time is what you make it

when breakfast can be at 11am
and not at 7am
when alarm clocks don't need to be used
because there's nowhere to be
no one who needs you

when date night exists
and meals don't need to be cooked
can play with the puppy all day
clean the house, or do whatever needs to be done

watch movies and football without time being an issue
going on facebook and hotmail whenever I feel like it
no one depending on me to be here or there

Weekends. They just aren't long enough.

::sigh::...monday tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2008

So much change.

Little things bring so much change sometimes. Getting our puppy, well, was a bigger change then I think either of us originally thought. But, truly a joy. Any mothers out there, I guarantee will laugh at this post. Because, well, your job is 100 times harder then mine, I realize this. But, hey...that's why I don't have children of my own yet, right?

Mac is my little bundle of joy. I never thought I could feel this much love for an animal. I grew up with dogs...they never liked me, because Susan was always the favorite. Heck, I don't blame them, Susan is awesome. But, because of that, I never got too attached to the dogs I grew up with. Bella was my only attachment. She was my "rescue" dog. Yea, I still paid $500 bucks for her and got her from the tanning salon owners daughter. Rescue, ok? She was mine. I felt the kind of love for her that I feel for my little Mac. With me being in college, I couldn't take care of her, and neither could my parents who had two dogs at the time-so Bella got a new home with a wonderful family (and is still doing excellent by the way!).

I loved her. I love my Mac. He has grown leaps and bounds in the last month and a half. I am shocked at his loyalty to us already. He is so obedient. He knows his name SO well and comes whenever you call him. He is definitely a momma's boy. He follows me everywhere! Every day he is learning something new, discovering something, getting into something. He is perfectly content chewing on a bone for hours. He is truly getting the "potty" thing. Yes, we have accidents, but he is only 4 months and it's to be expected. He loves to take walks, and his favorite place to walk is on the little slanted concrete pads that line the street, he walks on them as if he's a tightrope walker. With the nice weather, the windows have been open, and Mac is hearing all sorts of new things. His new thing is to climb over all the pillows on the sofa, and perch himself up there listening to all the sounds. He often growls or lets out little "fierce" sounds to scare away whatever or whoever it is. He is not my small little puppy anymore. He is growing leaps and bounds. It sometimes is hard to realize how fast they grow when you see them every day, but others notice it more then me. Sometimes I look back at our pictures when we first got him just to prove he really is growing and getting big. Being this sentimental with a puppy means that I'm doomed when I have children, right? I will be posting sappy "I can't believe they're growing up!" blogs..and everyone will be gagging themselves. I'm getting it all out of the way with Mac. Ha, right.

Well, my little Mr. Mac, I just love him. Mac...if you could read, you'd appreciate how much I love you. Until then, you stare at me with such a cute look, I know that you know it anyway.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old friends

I was talking to an old friend on AIM tonight. Strange, because I am never on. In fact, I didn't even know I was online. He IM'ed me and started talking to me out of the blue. We have been friends since 9th grade. He was a christian, but sometimes went down a rocky path. We talked every day in homeroom.

This is what he said to me tonight (he now lives in the Bahamas!):

"I have been thinkin alot about the old days and well i just want to say thank you for all the positive encouragement you have always given me and helped to keep me on course."

I didn't really realize I had ever done anything, but apparently I did. You just never know...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm proud because I can be.

Seriously. Look at this. These are 4th graders and without exaggerating...MOST of them draw this good. I am pleasantly surprised at the level of artwork coming out of these children. It gets me excited about all potential art projects we can do this year.

We are drawing insects from observation (looking at detailed pictures of them), we do not trace, we just use our eyes to help us draw. I am loving the results.
Off to have dinner with my friend from college, who happens to also be an elementary art teacher! Ciao!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hodge Podge of fun.


Talked to sister in Africa in the morning.
A surprise visit from my dear sister and nephew, Jayden after school.
A fun date night with my hubby to our favorite, Appetites on Main.
Watching CNN with him till we fall asleep.


Early up.
Breakfast with my mom and dad, feeling like an only child for maybe the first time in my life. odd.
Sams club.
A fun shopping day going anywhere and everywhere with my momma. Some new clothes, dorm stuff for little brother, so much fun.
Dinner at the Airport restaurant with the rents and hubby, good times.
Fresh baked cookies and a movie at our place with everyone.
One crazy puppy. Love him.


Church. Good sermon today about politics, without crossing the line, extremely interesting.
Picnic after church at my parents. Nieces, siblings, kiddie pools, puppies running around.
It's been a good weekend. No complaints here, at all. I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The cuteness begins

I love my job because I get to see the cutest little creations come to life. Sea turtles are back, and better than ever. Here are the kids starting to color them.

Aren't they great? They use crayon too...I just teach them to press hard and get rid of all the white paper spots showing through, and it looks great. (We call the spots, "spotitus!"...its like an artwork disease. hehe...cute.)

That is why I like my job.

I dislike the fact that my throat is killlllling me by every weekend, because, really...I haven't talked this much in the past 3 months. Oh, thank heaven for weekends.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

funny kid comment of the day

I decided there are just way too many funny and weird things kids say during the day. Usually one thing sticks out. So, if it ever will go in it's own "funny kid comment of the day" blog. Word.


He raises his hand.

"Ummm....Mrs B....ummmm. I just coughed out a booger!"


He holds it on his finger like a prized jewel.

me: "Uh, okay bud. Go get a tissue, get rid of it. Then wash your hands. Use soap and water." (the typical teacher response, of course)

I hold in my laughter until the end of the day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A conversation between a 1st grade boy and I....he was too cute. He had the cutest little lisp ever, and a sweet little face.

him: Can I spell my name in curviss?

me: Can you what?

him: Can I spell my name in curviss on the back?

me: you mean cursive?

him: Yea....curviss.

me: You know cursive in 1st grade?!?!?!

Yep, I sure do. My mom told me that I should write it 100 times and after that I will know curviss.

me: Cursive.


me: Cursive.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Season....Homerun!!

This time of year around my house brings football, football, and My husband says, "Babe, Sundays and Mondays are devoted to football...the rest of the week, I'll spend with you." Gee, thanks love. Being that I love to be with my husband...I have the desire (every year) to learn about football so I can actually understand the concept of the game. I have sat with Declan over the years and asked for explanations, and he graciously gives it. For some reason, it will NOT stick with me. I seriously want to know more about the game, and secretly hope my children will have a passion for football-watching (I'm not exactly sure why...but it's the whole Philly pride thing I grew up with). How can they have a passion for it when their own mother doesn't even know what third down means? Give me baseball, gosh I love watching baseball...and I completely understand it. Give me basketball...even love basketball. Maybe because I spent many years growing up supporting my little brother watching those two sports? Who knows. But football? My older brother played football. Okay..."played" may be a bit of an over statement. He was dedicated, boy, was he ever. But, he didn't play much. If you consider holding the cord on the sidelines playing, he played a lot. He loves the sport, he gave it his all, but he just wasn't as big as the other guys. My family cheered him on every week, some weeks, he just held the cord. Maybe this is why I don't understand the game so much? Had my brother played more, I may have had more of an interest. I'm not trying to blame him for my lack of knowledge of the game...just pondering.

Anyway, I sit here on a Sunday...first big game of the year with a desire to learn. But, I'm hearing terms that just go over my head. "2nd in 10", "Backfield", "34 yard line", "down 3 touchdowns", "passing game", "3rd down in 5", "good return", "back into field of play".


Until then, I will sit here and look at the score across the top of the tv, because that I understand. One day, one day I will learn.

Go Eagles!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Blues

I love saturdays...normally. Today is one of those not-exactly-the-coolest-saturday-ever kinda days. Although, I must say it started off really great, because I got to talk to my Susan in Zambia for a while on the phone. Back to why I have saturday blues. Today, it is raining. Not like a little rain, but a lot of rain, that just keeps coming. Which not only means theres no such thing as a fun saturday cookout, but that my puppy will not budge and do his business outside, because, oh my gosh, it's too wet. Ugh! Please note, I had a bad experience in the rain this morning while taking him out. I stepped in the wrong spot, and sunk about 6 inches in mud. I was wearing my crocs and so the mud seeped in the little holes and was all in between my toes....nasty.

Saturdays (at least this one) bring cleaning. We had told ourselves that we had to do a really good cleaning that's what we did. I mean everything from the bathrooms, to vacuuming everything including my bajillion steps (thanks to the 3 story townhouse design), mopping floors, dusting all furniture and railings, and laundry. On top of that we even sealed all our grout for all our tile work in the house. Working together on it was so much better than doing it by myself. Declan did an awesome job on the kitchen, I must say.

So after feeling so sweaty, disgusting, icky from cleaning, we jumped in the shower. I'm telling Declan a story and all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. What I thought was dehydration at the time...hit me. I started to feel like I was going to pass out, throw up, my eyes started going dark. I jump out of the shower sopping wet, and just sit down. Nothing is helping. The reason I thought it was dehydration because as a teenager it happened to me a few times, especially when I would lay out for a few hours, forgetting to drink my water, or eat my breakfast. Same feeling. This morning, I was so focused on cleaning, I didn't eat breakfast or have anything to drink. I still don't know whether it was dehydration or not. All I know is that I got dressed, tried to make myself feel better...but to no avail. I sat on the couch, decided I'd try to eat an apple and sip some water. I guess that didn't work either, because only a few minutes later my head was hung over the freshly scrubbed toilet and I was spewing my guts. What the heck?

So here I am, feeling weak and like I've done a hardcore ab workout. It's saturday, it's rainy, I feel stuck inside. I just have the saturday blues...but, I'm sitting in a squeaky clean home!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This summer I had the privilege of being off. Not always as a teacher do you have the entire summer know, now a days they make teachers go back to school, so most spend their time either taking classes or doing a side job to compensate in pay. This summer I didn't have many days of exhaustion. I was able to have my own sleeping schedule, do what I wanted during the days, relax, hang out with friends, be with family members....etc. The days I felt exhausted were the days we were moving, which is totally understandable.

Well, tomorrow will mark my 8th day of school (with children actually present!)...and exhaustion has already set in. Literally, at the end of every day when I walk to my car, I am drained. At my young age of 23...I feel like I have no more left to give. I can't hear my name referred to in the "Mrs." sense ( least I don't want to...) and I just don't have much tolerance anymore. At the end of that day my feet are so sore from literally standing and walking around the entire day (minus my 30 minute lunch) that pushing on the pedals to my car sometimes feels too much. My short drive home (10 minutes or less) feels like an eternity! That is how exhausted I am. If you are a teacher, or do any type of job where you are with children for 8 hours out of the day...then you must understand. The feeling of being needed all the time is exhausting. I have to say, if this job wasn't so rewarding and fun (yes, it has its fun days) would be a hard gig to take. But, I love it. I know now why weekends were created. I know why teachers have summers off. As selfish as it seems, I need every ounce of "me" time possible after giving, giving, giving all day long.

I love my job and it's worth it.

I'm going to bed....I'm exhausted!


Monday, September 1, 2008

You just need an experience

I am always up for random fun. Seriously. If you ever decide you want to visit some new store sometime, or go to a flee market you hear things about, or just take a drive...I'm your girl. Really. I love to do things like that. Declan on the other hand, really doesn't. You all know this, it's not the first time I've said that. But somehow I coaxed him to drive up route 30 today until we got to amish territory. We ended up at this funny little store called the Outhouse. They sell all sorts of cute little things, and lots and lots of funny things. We had fun walking around and taking it all in.

Declan as a midget.
My favorite t-shirt ever.
After the Outhouse we went to another cute little shop, with all hand made amish furniture. Although I don't particulary love the "country" style, I definitely have an appreciation for furniture that is hand crafted. It's heavy duty and just plain lovely. After that we got some delicious hand made dutch soft pretzels. Seriously, they were maybe....maybe....better then Auntie Anne's.

Literally, that is all we did while in Lancaster, and that was enough. I was ready to go home after that. On the way home Declan says...."I get it. You just need an experience." Ha...I guess he's got it right.

Back to school tomorrow, back to real life.