Sunday, December 28, 2008

A beautiful, new covenant.

The festivities did not stop at Christmas this year, because two days later (yesterday, actually) my brother-in-law, Brent married the love of his life, Tara. Declan and I had the privilege of being a part of this day...he was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. As I'm typing this now, I'm realizing that we did not get one single shot of us together that night in our matching attire. Awesome. I'll have to hunt down Declan's uncle from South Carolina, because he's the only one who did get a few shots of us. *note to him.

Back to the wedding. It was a beautiful, sensitive, and moving ceremony. Their love for each other is so apparent. My favorite part was their vows, having written their own, it added so much to the entire thing. Tara looked stunning, Brent looked pretty studly. It was a fantastic affair.

The reception was amazingly fun, we danced for hours upon hours. The food was delicious, the drinks were yummy, and the company was awesome. I am really excited to have a new sister, now, too.

Their photographer is Tony Hoffer, who is pretty awesome. Here are two great photographs.

What a fun bridal party!

Christmas Festivities '08

I look forward with anticipation for Christmas every year...not just the day, but the whole sha-bang. I am blessed to have married into a family that celebrates their Christmas on Christmas-eve. This way, we are able to celebrate with my side of the family on Christmas day. It works out beautifully. We had an awesome Christmas Eve, starting with an amazing meal made by my father-in-law. His food is so delicious, and we all look forward to it every year. This year, after dinner, we headed to their church for the Christmas Eve service, because Declan's little sister, Leigha, who is 12 was in the program. It was quite apparent that this year would be her last, and she is growing out of this sort of thing...the look of pure "I'm too cool for this" was strewn about her face the entire time, and we all sort of laughed and chuckled because when she was 6 years old and in the play, she was adorable, and loved it. Oh what a 6 year difference can do to a girl, :). I have to say, that the kids play really did speak to me...this one song, "You can have my room, Jesus" was the sweetest thing, and I really did have a few tears in my eyes seeing about six of my students up there singing these songs about Christ.

After all of this, we headed back to the house for our gift giving. I think there is something so magical about doing this at night, which is why I love this night so much. For a while, it was pretty amazing, but it did start to seem like we weren't making a dent. With our growing family, that's just simply the case, though. It started to feel rushed, so we are thinking that maybe next year we may stop doing the Christmas Eve service so we can relax and take more time doing the exchanging. My in-law's did something really special for all of us, and it meant a whole ton to us all. They are paying our way to our family vacation this summer to the Outer Banks! We are totally stoked, because this was a bit of a burden, of course we would have figured out a way, but now we really don't have to. What an amazing gift! We're so blessed.

After all that fun, Declan and I went home and did our exchange. We have set a sort-of, kind-of money limit, and also say "it must stuff into your stocking". That was the extent of our gift-giving this year. From that, I got some awesome lotion and antibacterial soap for my desk(s) at school, favorite candies, the new Adele CD (it rocks, get it.), and a hot pink inCase for my iPhone. Declan got the Jason Mraz CD, earmuffs, his favorite pen, new t-shirts, mints, and a gift card to Subway. It was fun sticking to a budget and fun continuing our own little 2nd year tradition of opening gifts to eachother on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning came way too fast. This is where we head over to my parents for Cinnamon buns and Coffee (usually Egg Nog, but someone couldn't find it this year). The excitement was apparent, and especially all over my little niece's faces. We had an awesome time of exchanging, and Kyra was a great help in giving out presents and helping open them too :-) Declan and I got our dining room table from my parents (as you all know), and weren't expecting any more. We still did get some awesome gifts, though. We're so blessed. We no longer have to get into a cold bed at night, because my parents got us the heated mattress pad. That thing rocks. Declan is now sporting his first Westbrook jersey, courtesy of Jim and Kesh. He is SO pumped about it, and after today's huge, huge, amazingly awesome win....he couldn't imagine a better time to have his own Eagles Jersey. We got a Caphalon bakeware set that I never received when we got I love that. We also got some clothing, Heroes on DVD, and my favorite...the Entertainment Book.

After all this excitement, we headed to my dad's parents...our grandparents, and Kyra and Kylie's great-grandparents for a traditional Christmas dinner, and of course, more gift giving. The highlight of the entire day, for me, was playing Apple to Apples, asking Would you Rather questions, and playing Imaginiff with my entire family until 11pm. It was a really great Christmas and most of all, I just love being with both sides of my family. It always makes me realize how blessed I am to have family's that love the Lord and love each other.

*all photos are from Christmas morning at my parents house.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a moment

Yesterday I had a moment. Things were almost done for our Christmas-eve-eve party. The house was sparkly, clean, the Christmas lights were shining, the cookies were baked, my table had arrived. I was sitting on the couch, just to take a breather before the madness was to begin, and I just glanced around. That glance felt like an entire hour. I saw all the little details of things Declan and I had picked out before our home was even in the works. I saw the free or $1 items we had picked up at yard sales in hopes to one day use. I saw all the Christmas decor that I bought last year half-off the day after Christmas, and had wondered when the time would could I'd actually get to use it. I saw my candles all lit, and could literally remember when and where each candle came from...evoking lots of lots of memories. Some of my candles are from my honeymoon (Declan was sweet and brought them along), some are from the Parent-teacher-organization at our school thanking us for all our hard work, some are from my college days, and others are from the Green Dragon, the specially home-made candles. My home felt warm. It felt amazing. I felt so incredibly blessed in just that little glance. My blessings don't come in 'things', I mean, some do...but more then materialism, I feel blessed that God entrusted me to have all this, knowing I would do my best to take care of them. This includes husband...who is so amazing and ran out to get me Ibuprophen after crying my eyes out over a nasty migraine an hour puppy....who literally makes me laugh, and cuddles like a family, who blesses me over and over again with their generousity. I am overwhelmed that a year ago when we started this whole home-purchase, I had no idea where or if I would have a teaching job even remotely close to where we'd live, but we took that leap of faith...and God loved me enough to land me the perfect job situation, 9 minutes away. I don't understand it, but as I put it last night to my other set of parents (Bob and Eilene), "He must really like me, and I don't really understand why."

I am feeling reflective this Christmas, and I feel blessed, so so so very blessed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Secret Santa Day 4 and 5

I'm sorry for being so lame and not posting all the photos, but I really do have the worlds best secret santa. Yesterday she got me a super cute blue and brown candle, which, if you know me is pretty much the best color choice ever.

Today was reveal day. We had a big breakfast, and we gave our gifts to them. Her card was adorable, and was poetic again, and it had a mini-card inside with her name in it. When I saw her name, I LAUGHED so hard. All along I thought I knew who it was, but boy was I ever so wrong. The person who I had for my secret santa, ALSO had ME! We were the perfect pair. It only made sense that it was someone like her. She's a young, hip kinda teacher...and she just knew me well. Today's gift was a gift certificate to a local bead store in West Chester, packaged along with some beads. How PERFECT.

From one young, hip kinda teacher to another.....Merry Christmas, and I have a new appreciation for secret santa's.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Chaos, one day at a time.

In the midst of all this holiday chaos, I have managed to get some things done. Let's hear one big, hip hip hooray! All of the gifts are either bought or made at this point. Most are wrapped. The young-adult Christmas party is at my house tomorrow night, and my new table is arriving earlier that day. I have grocery shopped for the food. Church was canceled yesterday due to weather (which ended up not being all that bad), and it gave us time to clean our entire house. Check that bad boy off the list. Tonight is give my husband a haircut night, and bake Christmas cookies night. Don't worry, I won't mix the two too closely together. ;) The gifts that are wrapped are sorted by Declan's side and mine. I bought candles for my windows, and they look devine. I forgot about the wind-advisory last night, and my brand new Christmas-stake that says something cute like, "let it snow" on it, snapped in half last night. One of my poinsettia's blew away. Somehow, my greenery swags are managing to stay on my windows. Praise-ye-the Lord. They are a pain to put back up!

My partner-in-crime (and i really do mean crime, that guy tore off bows, ripped wrapping paper....) in all the wrapping is yours truly....

Must have been pooped from all that terrorizing...or should I say "terrier-izing". Ha Ha, I crack myself up (and oh how I'm sounding more and more like my mother in law with each passing day).

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surprise Visit

I live in a development literally right next door to the business my parents own and spend a LOT of their time at. Shockingly, they rarely pop in to visit. I was upstairs doing some wrapping last night around 6:30 and I get a phone call from my mom. I always answer when its my mother, because, she usually has something important to say or tell me. This time, it went like this....

"Katie, I am outside, in your driveway. Your house looks dark, are you in there? I wanted to just stop by and give you a kiss! I also haven't seen your Christmas decorations, yet!"

So I ran my little (not-so-little) toosh down to the front door, and let her in. I got my kiss, indeed. I was happy to see her, and have her visit, as she knows she's always welcome.

My parents have both known about our great need for our dining room/eat-in-kitchen table. Declan and I just didn't want to go out and buy something junky when we know we'll be here for a while. My parents had always expressed interest in wanting to be the ones to get us this big gift, but with the holiday coming up, it was coming all the more realistic. So, secretly, my moms little visit was to 'refresh' her brain on the colors of my kitchen, how sneaky ;)

We ended up looking online while she was here at some counter-height tables that we'd both been eyeing up. We ended up finding the most gorgeous one I've seen online. Lucky enough, Declan just got home from work, checked it out online, and loved it too. My mom wanted me to make a quick call over to the local store in Exton and see if they had it in stock so we could see it in person. Indeed they did.

In a flash, we got in the car, and went over to check out our possible new ornament for our dance floor (what we've been calling it since July). It turned out that in person, we loved it even more. It is so classy, and has the most wonderful design, the color is perfect, and the chairs are a chocolatey/mocha tight microfiber, which makes the comfort factor times ten. With joy (seriously!) my parents generiously purchased Declan and I our first real dinette set, we can seat 6 people comfortably, and it will finally make our house complete. This definitely was the nicest gift, ever...we are in love with this table.

The greatest part of all is that the delivery is scheduled for Tuesday....and Tuesday NIGHT is my christmas party with our friends. My mom's visit turned into a lot more, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Thanks again to them, we cannot stop thinking about how it will make our home complete, and, that we can finally have people over for dinner!

Here is a picture of the table at the store. I definitely will post a picture of it in our home next week.

Secret Santa Day 3

No no, santa does not deliver on saturdays....this post is just a day late.

Day 3. The wrapped gift. Super cute I might add.

Day 3. The card. Love the part about the 2 hour delay...considering we all thought it would actually happen. Thanks weather man!

Day 3. The actual gift.Does my secret santa know me or what?!

Ribbon Day

In light of the wonderful upcoming holidays, we have spirit days. I, for some reason, totally suck at remembering these joyful, and silly days. Okay, well maybe I don't exactly forget, but who wants to parade around in jingle bells all day? Seriously?

So, I remembered it was ribbon day, pulled my (short) hair into a semi-side pony tail and added one of my big wire green ribbons to my hair. It actually looked kind of cute, and not totally odd. It wasn't an annoyance all day and that made me happy, it also made the kids happy that I participated for once. When I left the bathroom after getting ready that morning, Declan said, "Babe, you look cute today." He didn't even know it was ribbon day. Sweet man.

PS: picture is compliment of one of the coolest third graders ever.
PSS: My highlights look pretty darn good from the back.
PSSS: hahahahaha

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny kid quote of the day

This sweet little first grader and I were coloring together at her table. The rest of the class was singing "jingle bells" (why deny this hyper-anticipation for christmas?) while coloring, and she whispered to me:

"You know what? I have a favorite Christmas most favorite ever. I'm singing it in church this sunday..."

me-"What song is your favorite?"

her- "Okama"

(inside, I'm thinking...'great, another 6 year old with some obama joke, i'm so over it')

me- "Okama? I've never heard of it...hmm...can you sing it for me?"

her- "yea, it goes like this....Okaaamaaaa me faithful, joyful and triumphanttttt"

It was to die for cute, trust me. I smiled, and said, "ohhhh THAT song" I love it too." I also liked how she added the "me faithful...not ye faithful".

I will always think of that when I hear that song now, always.

Secret Santa Day 2

Day 2. The wrapped gift.
Day 2. The mysterious card, but cute rhyming I must say.
Day 2. The actual gift.

I love my fuzzy warm socks. They even have little grippers on the bottom so I don't slip. Cute, cute. This is way too fun.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Secret Santa Day 1

Every year (but this is my first) the elementary school I teach at does a secret santa, 5 days leading up to the Christmas break, and the last day at the big breakfast you reveal yourself with a bigger gift. I was reluctant to do it, ahhh...more money to spend...but, I knew it'd be fun.

Today, when a student came down with a mystery package, I got giddy inside! Someone got me a gift! Someone got me a gift! My first one of this holiday season, actually.

So, I thought...wouldn't it be fun to document what I get? (Photos courtesy of the iphone)

Day 1. The package.

Day 1. The card.

Day 1. The actual gift.

Yay for sweet stuff, and my two favorite candies, ever. See ya tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you little chalkboard, thank you.

Is anyone else sort of overwhelmed with the Christmas bustle? Maybe not overwhelmed in a bad way, but more of the when will I ever get finished kind of way. That's me anyway. You know what? I think that it's me every-single-stinking-year. How is that possible? I am the girl who wrote her english papers a week in advance, so I could breathe easy. I am the girl who prepares dinner way too early (and it ends up getting ruined by late husbands), just to be ready. I am the girl who cannot live in an unfinished home, so I had my entire house painted within a few days, decorated, and all settled (thanks to great help). So why am I so behind with Christmas...and particularly gifts? Now, let me first say that I have been decorated since the day before Thanksgiving, so thats not my area of lacking. I also can get some of my shopping done (like I posted on before), but then I hit the big flippin brick wall of doom. I just keep thinking to myself, "I'll do it...I'll get it done". But, as I see the days tick down, and down and down until Christmas (thanks to the chalkboard in my kitchen and what I thought was a 'cute' idea to have a countdown), I am realizing I have tons to do, and very little time.

I must say, my husband finally embroidered our stockings after having them for one ENTIRE year in the trunk of his car (thanks to the 50% after christmas sales). I guess it was asking too much for him to embroider them earlier, considering he RUNS and embroidery department, haha. Well, at least 9 days before the big day, we have them, and if I do say so myself, they look schnazzy.

Now, onto the other 9408394 things to get done....but wait! Biggest Loser Finale can do Christmas-to-do list, no can must wait until tomorrow. (I think my problem has been revealed...)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Hair part 36

I love getting my hair done, cut, dyed, highlighted, low-lighted...I'm game for anything.

Today I got my hair high and low lighted with some red and blonde. I like it, I'm pleased. Its fun and young, and I'm both of those things, right?

off to a wedding....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kid Quote(s) of the Day(s)

Apparently the economy is even affecting SANTA for crying out loud. Poor guy...heck, poor kids around the world. (snicker, snicker)

"Santa isn't bringing us lots of presents this year!! My mom told me Santa doesn't have a lot of money right now. Can I tell the whole class about this?"


And apparently, I'm a doctor.

"Mrs. B...can you answer this question for me? Why do you get scabs in your nose...cuz I have one one right now."

Ew. and RANDOM. Enough said.


And for this next kid quote of the day, you'll have to read what she said fast, and OUT LOUD. [just make sure your children aren't around you, hehe] What do YOU think she said?

[shouting to the kids at her table]


Say what? I made her clarify, which is always the wrong thing to do as a teacher, but...still. I swore she said that forbidden in elementary school word...the one that serves as another name for a know...
and when I thought she said that, I stopped. Chuckled inside. Then asked her to clarify. But, apparently she is very excited about that cool 3-d "S" that we all used to make as kids. Come on, you know what I mean.
I know you do.

Ohhh kids.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Remember yesterday when I said I get 10 plus drawings a day? Totally not kidding. I'm running out of places to put them, and they KNOW when their's is not hung! It's so hard, and time consuming. I never knew this would be an issue I'd ever have to deal with. Not easy being loved.

a sigh of relief

I got my hubby-back, hubby-back, hubby-back, hubby- back....

Katie's husbands back yeaaa

(to the tune of "Chili's baby-back ribs")

Declan has been fairly absentee lately. It is not his fault, at all. He is trying to provide for us and give us a little extra income, cuz Lord knows we all could use that. But, with his freelance graphic design stuff, it can take up a lot of time. The last two months or so have been fairly grueling. Almost every night, he'd come home, eat dinner with me, spend a little time with me...but have to go to his office (which is only upstairs) and work the night away to make the deadline for this website. I have to also admit, I have cursed the name of this website because of that, and so I do apologize for that. Oops. One of my favorite things is going to bed together, but because I am a night wimp, I am pretty much in bed (on a good night)before 10 (what a loser I am). Declan doesn't get home until 7, and really needs the time to work on the website. The good news is, the website has been TURNED in as of yesterday morning and I HAVE MY HUSBAND BACK! It was exciting getting to just breathe a sigh of relief that the deadline has passed and the website was turned in on time.

I am dreading the next deadline, purse seems to like it. Hmm...catch 22.

Happy weekend everyone.


I wish that everyone would buy more homemade items for Christmas this year. Encourage the creativity in people...have things that no one else could possibly have...a one of a kind thing. How cool would that be? I recently got some homemade things by a lady's mom from my school. I have a new cell case, zipper bag for money/credit cards, and a new check book case. I love all of them. They are in a delightful yellow color with brown buttons. Everyone who knows me knows those are two of my favorite colors.

This year, go for the homemade gifts, I'm telling you, people love 'em.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

art updates

...on my other blog. Don't miss them, they're too cute.

Clicky clicky

Todays perfect gift.

One of my favorite parts of the day is bus duty.

Am I serious?
The kids are to die for funny and so darn cute. They are bundled up to the max, and sometimes I can only see their little eyes poking out through their scarf and hats. They still always greet me with a smile and tell me things like....

"Did you know that you're a pretty princess?"

"I have ART in 20 hours and 40 minutes!"

"Wow, I love your earrings, are they made of stone?"

and then my favorite part of today's bus duty...
A conversation with little red-headed 1st grade, Ben.
RedHead: "Mrs. B, I saw a letter for you in my teachers classroom."
Me: "Oh you did? Who was it from?"
RedHead: "I have no idea, but I saw it had your name on it."
Me: "How will I get the letter?"
RedHead: "You need to go down and get it from my classroom"
Me: "Are you sure the letter is for me?"
RedHead: "Yes, I am positive. I sit near the front of the room and I saw it on her desk"
Me: "Hmmm...Okay I'll check into it"

The kids are all out the door, and I forget all about this little conversation minutes later. On the way out to my car I check my mailbox and find this little envelope that looks like it was stuffed with something. The outside of it read exactly:

TO: M.S Balla
FROM: Ben (in Mrs. ____'s class)

I open it and this is what it was.

Ben really tricked me. He honestly did not make any cutesy myseterious looks, I had no idea. He stumped me. Who could this letter be from? But, I couldn't have asked for anything better. It made me smile. And, being that I get about 10 plus drawings/letters a day...something was different about this one. Maybe because he asked his teacher to specially deliver it to my mailbox, maybe because he took the time and folded into a wee little envelope...but, today it was the perfect little gift.

It's home with me, I want it on my fridge.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few odds 'n ends

-Tonight I was in the pharmacy, and I was in an the next isle over I heard a familiar sound. A sound of keys that I recognized. I knew who it was right away.... my mother. As she turned the corner I shouted "I knew it!!". Isn't that odd that you can know the sound of
ones keys??

-I saw a huge shooting star last night on my way home last night, and it quite possibly could have caused me to crash. It was amazing, and the first one I've ever seen, it was huge! Maybe it wasn't just a star?

-Lately I've been waking up and praying that I would see people the way Jesus would, feel what Jesus would how he would. I can see an improvement in my attitude at school, especially. Why wasn't I
doing this earlier?

-There are only 22 days until Christmas. Where has the year gone?

-I have forgotten what I felt was the best of all the random topics. I saved it for last because it was special, but now it slipped me. Perhaps it wasn't so important after all?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i am beyond happy right now...
so many people are blogging.
i know that may sound really simple,
and kind of silly that i'm excited
but it feels like forever ago i started one
and i was lonely...
no one's to read
no one to read mine
and now i find sooo many people blogging
that i know
and i love that.
it makes me smile.
and it keeps me way too busy reading them all
but it's such a great way to connect
love it.
love it.
love it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

When is Christmas break?

I have literally written (or begun) this post about three times over the course of this weekend. Each time thinking, "I better start this blog now or else I'll have one of those really long obnoxious blogs". Each time I never completed it, or heck, got further then a few sentences. Here I am, Monday night, the last day of my vacation for the holiday...and I've yet to write.

Here comes that obnoxiously long blog...I can feel it. Just kidding, I will condense. I'll try.

Basically, my sister graced us all with her presence after being gone for three months. I have been with her basically non-stop since last Wednesday. We are making up for lost time, yeaaa, yea. Our thanksgiving was completely wonderful, not a single complaint, everyone enjoyed their time. We played games, ate a delicious dinner, goofed around with our nieces, ate dessert, watched football, and laughed. It was everything Thanksgiving should be. I have officially started the tradition of making my homemade apple pie, and the new addition...pumpkin chocolate cheesecake. It went off without a hitch. Thank you Better Home and Gardens, you have served me well. Now I must remember to cut out that recipe before I accidently toss the issue.

We did not do our normal, black friday, get up at 4-am or even midnight routine. I am too old for that. Besides, Declan has a real job now and works that I no longer have my 'bag holder' and 'place in line' holder, which makes it much less fun. Sister and I decided we would make that our crafting day instead. We both are making a point to be more creative with Christmas this year, and not really fall into the whole consumerism thing as much as the past. So far, we have transformed my guest room into the crafting room...and it is serving us well. What we are making in top secret. If you know, I will have to kill you...and with the holidays, I'll feel bad. So, don't ask :-) After all the craftiness, we met up with Lyryn and Jayden for dinner, and went back to their house and watched a movie.

Saturday was bridal shower day. My friend Jennie had an early shower (she isn't getting married until June) in Easton, PA. She is actually from Colorado, currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA and has family in Dallas, Easton and Colorado. So, she is having multiple showers. With the shower being held in Easton, I decided it was the one I should attend being that it was under 2 hours away. Susan joined me, because she knows I would drive myself insane on that drive...or just get myself lost. Either one. It was awesome having her there, and everyone enjoyed her being there too. It was so wonderful to see Jennie, I've missed her sooo very much. I can't wait to be in her wedding June 2oth.

That day was also my in-laws Thanksgiving celebration, which I sacrificed and missed due to the shower. But, being a bridesmaid I really felt it was the right thing to do. Declan went without me and informed it was a grand old time, and he came home with food to prove it. We have been enjoying bits and pieces of it for the last few days. I missed seeing everyone.

Yesterday, we went to church like any other normal Sunday (okay, oops...except for last week, scratch that). It was a nice change of pace, and we had a concert put on by a family of 6 siblings. It was amazing, and I truly felt blessed to be there that morning. What an awesome thing to have a family that can all play instruments and sing like angels. wow. After church we had lunch, and instead of going home with Declan, I let him go home (since he had freelance to do), and I stayed with Sue. We did a little shopping, but mostly just got ready to go to Providence for church that night. I don't normally attend there, either, but having had off today (Monday), I felt there was really no excuse. I really did enjoy myself. I'm going to talk to Declan abouy maybe going once a month or so, because I just really love the teaching the most. It's on a different type of level then PFC, more of a level for me.

Today was b.c. day for my wittle puppy, Mac. B.C....stands for (ball-choppin) day. He got neutered today. I must say, that leaving him was really, really hard. I missed him so much all day. I was able to get a lot done though, one of them being a photographers assistant to get pictures for christmas cards of my nieces....the other of them being getting MY own cards printed and completed, and labeled, and almost sent out (holy cow...I'm good)....another of them being able to clean my entire house from top to bottom, put away all the laundry, dust, vacuum, scrub floors, toilets, etc...without a puppy under my feet. Made a world of difference.

When we picked him up tonight, I felt sad for him. He is in pain, and we have to restrict him from bouncing and running and playing. That is all Mac knows how to do. It is really hard, and he's only been home for 2 hours. We have a week of restricting him. I have heard that there will be some changes in him after the surgery, the one we have noticed so far is that he suddenly lifts his leg to pee, which I find fascinating. We love our little man.

On that note...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEND OUT OUR CARDS THIS YEAR!!! I don't want to spoil them for those of you who will be receiving one...but, gosh, I love them, and Yes, they involve our puppy. Remember, we don't have it's O.K. We are in the clear.

Here I am at 9:13pm on Monday night and I am winding down and beginning my back to school routine. I will go up and shower, and lay in bed way too early...and then fall asleep, and up and at 'em teaching lots and lots of kids. I miss them, but, I really do enjoy my breaks.

In fact, there are exactly 24 days left until Christmas
and 16 1/2 days of school left until Christmas Break...
where I will then have 12 1/2 days off to relax, or...not really...but, at least have off.

And, well...this post in fact got longer then intended, but how do you recap 6 full days into one post? Not well my friends... not well.