Sunday, January 18, 2009

30 credits to go

Two days ago I started another new phase in my life...a phase I had wished I was done with in 2007, but knew that was impossible with my career. I'm a student again. Didn't I go to college so I could be the teacher? But, thanks to all the new teachers have to be students...for the rest of our career. Actually, I shouldn't complain. There is something to be said about continually learning. Life is a process of continually learning. As much as I was dreading starting my Masters degree...I have to say, I don't think it will be that bad. In fact, I'm determined to look at it as a blessing, and a new challenge. First of all, my classes are online. I get to receive my degree from the comfort of my couch, how awesome! Secondly, it's kind of fun to be back onto deadlines and due dates. I've always handled all that pretty I'm not afraid of the tasks. Third, I am so incredibly blessed to be able to achieve my degree for free. My district is one of those that reimburses 100%. So, for the next two years I'll be working on this, and although I'm sure it will be a nuisance at times...overall, I'm more excited about it then I was two days ago. I'm officially a student again.

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