Monday, January 19, 2009


My 2 year old niece, Kyra has this really sweet little connection with her Uncle Declan, or as Kyra puts it..."Duck". When he walks into a room, all eyes (at least Kyra's eyes) are on him. She grins from ear to ear and waits for Uncle Declan to tickle her, or chase her around...or heck, just give her the "eyes". Declan has been known to charm the ladies now and again. During the NFC Championship game yesterday, the whole family watched at Jim and Kesh's house. When Uncle Declan went to the bathroom, Kyra stood there, puzzled...and said, "Where's Duck?" While the game was being played, and Uncle Declan was watching intently, Kyra decided to jump on his back, or lean there for a while and hang out while he was watching. Every now and again he would pick her up and spin her around getting giggles and druel on the back of neck (fun, fun!). Kyra loved it, and it's plain to see that she really does like her Uncle "DUCK".

(Although, it was really hard to get her to look at the camera and show some enthusiasm!)

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