Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I wore this necklace today:

I had just lined up a 2nd grade class and was standing at the door. The girl who was the line leader was right under my nose. I looked down at her and she said, "I like your necklace!"

I said "Thank you!"

and she goes (and here's the kicker)....

"Those are some BIG BALLS!"

I said, "Yep, they are big balls." I chuckled inside. They left, and I ran to the library (next door) to tell my co-workers...and we laughed out loud, and it was good.

The best part is, they really don't flinch when they say things like that and none of the others do either, but our adult minds definitely do. Ahh, the innocence of a kid.