Friday, January 2, 2009

"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." - Eeyore

I am on my last official day of Christmas break...and I am in shock (I don't count the weekends...because they are a given). Where did it go? Well....I could say that I had a super eventful break, because that would definitely be a true statement. But one thing I can't say is that I got a lot of rest, or relaxation. That just ain't true, ain't true at all. I did get to spend some amazing time with my family and friends...and heck, even do a mural job! I am impressed with my packing-in-everything-over-the-break skills, at least. Here are all the events I've done, or been to...or heck, even hosted.

Christmas-eve-Eve party at my house
Christmas Eve Day gathering at my Aunt Pegs house
Christmas Eve at my in-laws, dinner, church and gift opening
Christmas Day with my family
Christmas Afternoon with my Grandparents
Rehearsal Dinner for Brent and Taras wedding (Dec. 26)/Nails earlier in that day
Brent and Taras Wedding (an all day affair, Dec 27)
Family Christmas with Declan's side (extended family...December 28)
Mural for friends baby room (December 29)
All day shopping trip to the outlets with Kesh and the girls, and Sue (December 30)
Shopping and prep for New Years Day Gathering, Brent and Tara's apartment for family dinner, and New Years Eve Party (December 31)
New Years Day Family Gathering at my house (January 1)

Today, it is January 2. I don't want to do anything. However, I will probably go out, do some errands and things I've avoided while trying to do all of the above, because I still feel behind.

By not having barely a minute of downtime during my break, I have managed to still enjoy it, soak in all the time with my family that I don't normally get...and appreciate that I actually have things to do versus not at all. Right?

So, I'll leave you with this photo, of the Eeyore Mural I did on Monday. Ta-Ta for now.

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