Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayer Answered

Well, I got my prayer answered from my last post. I woke up to a winter (icy) wonderland this morning at 7am and even overslept the phone call I was so anticipating that came at 5:04am. Luckily, the automated thingy majig left a voicemail:

School is Closed for Today

Hip, hip, hooray! Fireworks are going off, kids are shrieking all over the state(s) with glee that they can play in the icy muck all day instead of sit at desks and learn....teachers are smiling from ear to ear because god knows the next few months are long and hard, and (GASP) there are hardly ANY days off! So, it was a much needed break for all. Although we will be taking a day off of our Easter Break now because of this day, and right now, in this moment I'm all like phssshhhh who cares. However, talk to me in April as I'm sure to be upset about it then.

The scene around the house today is this:

Finally, the dishes are done in the kitchen. The whole unload of the dishwasher (which I hate so much, who seconds this?) happened and then the re-load. My car-less driveway (oh yea, Declan decided to drive mine to work today, leaving me stranded!) has been shoveled by yours truly. Let me just say, wow....that was a workout. The 3 inches of snow covered with a layer of ice really made for some HEAVY lifting. Ow. My back will thank me later. A half eaten pancake sits beside me. Why did I make that calorie infested thing anyway? The kitchen smells like Dunkin Donuts coffee...and I am sipping away...quite possibly one of my favorite parts of the day thus far. My pillows are straightened on my couch, and my blankets are folded nicely. WHY does this make me feel good for some reason? I am so weird. A neat couch makes me feel alright. Our bed is made. I have a mental thing about that long as I'm at work that day, I really don't care if the bed is made. When I'm home, it better be made or else I'll go insane. Wow, somehow typing that just made me feel even more insane. The dog. OH that little mongruel. He has entered his terrible-two's. But thank HEAVENS he is sleeping on top of the couch at the moment, or, gazing out the window so intently that he's not moving at all. More on the terrible two's thing later...but we will be looking into some puppy obedience classes, I guarantee it. Oh, that dreaded laundry. It has been started, and one load has been washed, and one is in the dryer. The dryer just buzzed, which means the folding frenzy begins. My favorite (note: sarcasm). Does anyone else dread laundry as much as me? Maybe I am just not cut out for this domestic diva deliciousness. I must not be. I dread house chores, but feel so amazing when they're done. And as for me? Well, I am just a disheveled mess, and I'm sure I scared my neighbors with my super sweet outfit that I shoveled in this morning.

Cheers to snow days.

Look for some updates later on my art blog.

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