Monday, January 19, 2009

Window Gazer

My puppy loves to gaze out the window. In fact, I should actually say he likes to gaze out the door. In our house our kitchen and living room are on the 2nd floor, and the kitchen is where we have a glass sliding door. This is Mac's favorite spot. It's a nice clear, high up view for him to look out...currently no deck is working out to his advantage, as that would be an obstruction to his viewing pleasure. In fact, as I'm typing this at the kitchen table, he is right here behind me staring out the window...just gazing. I have vertical blinds on this door and he just loves to rummage his little head right through them and find the best spot to look. It is so darn cute to see his little bottom sticking out from the vertical blinds, and his nose plastered against the glass. You see, our neighborhood is in construction mode, and even as I type, the snow is falling, and right behind our house a team of 15 some people are working away-in fact, today...they are putting up siding on the homes behind us. So, this is something extra fun for Mac to watch as the men get on these very wiggly looking platforms and nail the siding up. I snapped a few pictures today while he was being oh so darling. You will see that my sweetie is freshly groomed, and I have Petsmart to thank for that.And strictly for your viewing pleasure, not related to this is a picture of his face. I love when you can see their eyes again! Oh groomer, I thank thee.

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