Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What is it about a good compliment that can keep you flying high all day long despite the circumstances? Seriously. It's true.

I woke up this morning right away, knowing it was going to suck (I thought). First of all, it was my morning to get the pup and take him out (yes, we take turns). Secondly, I woke up a little bit late, maybe like 10 minutes-but gosh, it throws a wrench my routine when I do that. When I went down to get the pup the scent that was wafting from the door would have (or should have) set alarms off. My thoughts were, do I have to open this door, or can I run and hide? Because, I was one of those mornings. He had an accident in his cage and in fact, it was the kind that would have appeared he'd been backed up for days and someone sneaked him a laxative last night. When I lifted the blanket off his cage, I was waiting for the creepy horror music to kick in, it didn't. It should have. UGH!!! How disgusting. It was caked in his paws. He didn't have to go now because of course, he just went in his cage. I walked up to the kitchen and screamed up to the bedroom for Declan. I was already late, and now this! I needed help. He was really sweet about coming down and even helped me bathe him. (Nothin' like an early morning bath, stinkin' dog....literally.) I was grateful to my hubby for being so helpful. On my way out to the car this morning I also spilled my smoothie all over my coach purse....and on my iPhone. Dang it! It was THAT kind of morning. I strolled in the school doors 3 minutes late. Wonderful.

I thought things would settle down a little, but not really. I had to make copies for my first class so naturally I went to the copy machine. To my delightful surprise (not!) the machine was in about a million little parts and a techie dude was working on it. I ran (but not really, because running isn't allowed in school) to the other side of the building to use that copier. Luckily, it worked. I went back to my room and realized I had forgot something and had to go back to the office. Agh! My prep time was dwindling down...minutes until showtime. I was power walking back to my room to start the day, I hear my name...and it was my principals voice.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. Unintentionally thinking, bring it on because this morning can't really get worse.

He said, "I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a great plug to (insert name/asst. superintendant!!!!). I told her all about how you're using math skills in your classroom and how you're integrating curriculums from the classroom teachers. I couldn't be any happier with your performance, and wanted you to know you're doing a fantastic job."

I instantly said, "Wow, thank you...I really appreciate that. Thank you so much."

That was that and off we both went. It was so nice. It was exactly what I needed in the midst of my chaotic morning. The timing was right, it was all right, and w.o.w. what a compliment. It was a nice, unexpected part to my morning...and it left me feeling pretty good for the rest of the day.

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