Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I was teaching a 2nd grade class after lunch today, and they were diligently working on their projects. One student raised his hand and told me he needed help making a tree branch for his bird to perch on. I helped him a little bit with the branch, and then he said to me-"I don't know how to do the bird either". So, I showed him how to make a bird. Apparently, he didn't like my bird much because he responded..

"That looks like a platypus!!"

It was hard to hold back the laughter, because dude, this kid just made fun of my artistic abilities! I said jokingly, "Oh a platypus, huh! Well, well....I'll fix it then." I did. We all laughed as a class over it, the humor during that moment was pretty undeniable. A few minutes later (after we had discussed that his new nickname would be Platypus from now on) I drew a bird again on a bigger piece of paper. I said, "Here is my bird. Show me what a platypus looks like." He drew it. I have to say...I sort of see the resemblance. It may not seem as amusing written out as it actually was, but truly a comical point in my day. He wanted to take this paper home to show his parents and tell them the whole story. I snagged a picture with my phone, and off it went.

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