Sunday, February 1, 2009

Giving with no strings attached

On Friday night I had a conversation with God about some things. You see, Declan has a car...a bit of a junky one. He is fine with it and he has a super short drive--but we have been thinking about the day it bites the dust and we can go out and get the good on gas sedan that could be our weekend date car. However, money is always a reason that we don't just go out tomorrow and pick out our favorite Mazda3 (yes, we love them), and drive home in style. So, the conversation I was talking about...

So, I told God that I knew he would only allow Declans car to die when it was the right time, and that when his car died, it would be our sign from Him-"Go get it, my children", and that it would be cool with him. Or, something like that.

Saturday morning came around and I had just got out of the shower, Declan was already showered and (I thought) out the door to work. Next thing you know, he comes up and opens up the door scaring the crap out of me (I thought he was GONE!), and exclaiming-"My car won't start!" I instantly blurted out, "You're kidding, right?" Because only a few minutes earlier he had begged to take my SUV into work. I told him no because of course I would need it for my Saturday errands. So, I thought this whole 'car not starting' thing was a gimmick to get me to let him take my car. He then said, "Do you really think I'd run up all this way (3 flights of stairs) just to play a joke?"

It was then that I knew it wasn't a joke. He ended up taking my getaway car into work and we'd deal with the whole car thing later.

A flash of the night before and my conversation with God came into my mind instantly. "Lord, are you SERIOUS? This is so not funny!"

Declan came home from work and we started talking about all the possibilities with the car. We know what would be affordable to us, but somehow we'd have to get his car someplace to be fixed, so we could at least trade it in for pennies...right? We thought about all the options. Nothing was really seeming to be the right thing to do, so we just decided we'd wait to see what was wrong with the car and get it towed Monday morning. We went on with our weekend as normal.

Today we went to church and were asked to go out to lunch after with some friends. It was a nice surprise as Declan and I were just planning on grabbing a quick bite alone and going home for an afternoon of 'to-do's'. At the end of our lunch we were just sitting around talking with our friends Chrissy and Phil. I started to tell Chris about the car situation (because we tend to discuss cars and finances, and things of this nature often), and she laughed as I told her the story about my conversation with God. Phil chimes in, "I bet it's the battery". Without even flinching, he says to his wife, "Hun, I know it's not really part of the plan today, but could we go over there so I could help Declan get his car working?" Without any hesitation, his 9 month preggo wife (due ANY DAY, literally) said, "Absolutely!"

Phil went home and got his tools and the two of them came over to our house together. The guys went out to work on the car, and Praise God the weather was so much warmer today. As Phil put it, "You couldn't have picked a better day for your car to break down!" While our men worked outside on the car, we chatted on the couch for a while. Chrissy sat on her waterproof blanket pad because her mom has got her worried her water will break on someone's good furniture. I assured her I didn't really care, and it would have made a good story if it had happened! But, no such luck. Baby still remains inside, cuddly and cozy.

It turned out that Declans car was a $46.00 battery fix. Without the help of our friends who changed their plans at the drop of a hat, we would have spent way too much time and effort to get the car fixed, or looking for a new one.

I'm not sure if my conversation with God was just a coincidence in timing, or what. A new car for Declan is in the plans, but maybe not as soon as tomorrow. We always keep our eye open for a deal, but right now we are happy and blessed to have two working cars at all. I do know that I am grateful for friends who give with no strings attached, just simply because they care. There aren't many people like that, and it challenged me today to be more like that.

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  1. It's so neat to see how the Lord takes care of us and blesses us along the way... And especially uses friends to help ;-)