Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's to you, friends.

I was challenged by Lyryn's blog to write to the closest people in your life about why you love them. So, here it goes.

You know me so well, and I love you for that. I love that you always love the things about me that I don't usually makes me feel loved in all the right ways. I love your passion for life and living, and being with me in an honest and caring relationship. I love that you're my best friend, and have been for more then 7 years.

Susan: You are the worlds best sister, and I mean that. I love spending time with you doing random adventures and shopping trips. You have a heart of gold and you let the Lord guide you through your life in such a beautiful and eloquent way. I envy that in you. I love you to pieces.

Mom and Dad: I know I always have your support, and that brings so much peace. I love, love, love having dinner with you and catching up with life. You have given me such a great upbringing that has made me the person I am today. I love being your daughter and having such great role models.

Lyryn: My other sister...You have such amazing talents. I am so proud of you for exploring them on a deeper level. You are such a strong woman, and such a loving mother to Jayden. You're a soul searcher. I love that about you. We didn't need a marriage to make us sisters :)

Kesh: I love you, Jim and the girls so much. I have really enjoyed getting our little families together (mine consisting of Mac-boy) for play dates. I cherish the time I spend with you all. You have a natural mothering and I hope that someday I can be like that. You are raising the sweetest little ladies, and I'm so proud to be in their lives, too.

Kristin: I have the world's best mother in law. You have always been incredibly interested in my life and the path it takes. I love talking to you and just hanging out. You have the ability to make anyone laugh (even yourself!) and I really enjoy that about you. You're just so full of life. You and Attila are the best.

My little Wit: I miss you when you aren't around. I love that we've gotten closer in the last few years. When we were younger, we could have killed each other ;) I think you have become such an awesome guy. I am really, genuinely proud of who you are and have chosen to be. Don't ever forget who you are. I love you buddy.

Tara: I am so glad that Brent found you. I have a lot of sisters already, but you were a great addition :) I love that you are so encouraging and friendly. You have a bright, sweet spirit and I appreciate that about you.

Jennie: You are my far-away-friend, but my close-to-heart friend. It's amazing to me how we can be hours apart but I always feel so connected to you. You care enough about me to call and ask about the things in my life, and vice versa. You have shown me what real friendship is, and I'm not sure you realized you did. You are so amazing, and I am honored to stand with you on your wedding day this summer.

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  1. kate that was beautiful! love you, too amazing sister of mine!