Friday, February 20, 2009


I usually don't like the movie theater too much. I'd rather watch from the comfort of my home and enjoy it while cuddled up in a blankie with my hubby. However, lately I have seen some really amazing movies in the theater. I feel so strongly about them (wow, that sounds weird), that I tend to tell almost everyone I see to, "GO SEE THIS MOVIE!"

So, here are my three new favs out at the moment.

Slum-dog Millionaire:
The story of a poor, orphaned boy in India who gets on the show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" and wins the 20 million rupees (this is in the previews!). He gets questioned as to how he knows this, and his life is literally a devine line-up of events that give him the knowledge to win the show. Amazing, awesome, and still in the theaters since November! If that tells ya something...

He's just not that into You:
Plain funny, for the ordinary girl (or guy) to watch and enjoy, and laugh and say, "Yea, that totally happened to me before". A really great movie, although there were some tough spots and things to watch regarding affairs. I don't like watching that on screen.

Gran Torino:
Ahhhhhhhh! I LOVED THIS. If you can handle some crude language because of the culture of the story-line (and gangs), it is DEFINITELY worth it. Clint Eastwood tears this one up. He finds an unexpected friendship with a culture of people he hated. W-O-W is all I have to say.


May I add, that two of the three of those movies are ones I would normally not ever want to see. I am not that type of flick watcher. I tend to go for the girlie movies almost 99% of the time. But, if I even loved Slum-Dog and Gran Torino, you will too.

Do yourself a favor, see them. At some point in your life...even if its when they come out on DVD. Although, thats too long in my opinion ;)

Happy weekend.

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