Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of those days/Funny Kid Comment of the Day

I had one of those mornings where nothing I put on I liked, or felt good in. Instead, I went to school looking like poo. By poo, I mean, somehow I pulled together this lame outfit that was basically all brown (ugh!), threw a scarf in there for some color, but overall-with the look of poo. May I also add, my hair was rather flat today. I hate that. I sort of got past it, like always.

I was lining up my 1st graders near the end of the day-and I was at the door with them waiting for their teacher to pick them up. One sweet little toothless boy says, "Mrs. B, you're really pretty you know." I said, "Thank you so much, that was so nice of you." He giggled a little and had an embarrassed look on his face, and the girl in front of him turned around to him and said, "Do you like her?" His face got so red, traffic could have stopped. It was the cutest thing. Needless to say, I think I know who my secret-admirer will be on Valentines Day ;-)

That little compliment, although from a 6 year old, was needed today-he didn't care about my poo-like outfit, or how flat my hair was. This little guy will make a lady very happy one day.

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  1. that's so cute! i'm jealous that you have your own little fan club to tell you how pretty you are. haha. and he's right! even on a "bad" day kate you always manage to look great!