Friday, February 13, 2009

True Beauty

Does anyone watch that show? I know it may seem like a waste of your life, but believe it or not I do find it somewhat entertaining, and so does my husband. It's part of our Monday night line-up, and for some reason we love it. We sit and laugh at the awfulness of the inner beauty of these 'beauties', and often end up in shock because of the things they say and do. It does cause me to reflect, too. Wow, I need to be more beautiful on the inside (although, why didn't I score the outer beauty like those people?!?)

Today was Valentines Day at school. Since tomorrow is a Saturday all the festivities and celebrations were today, naturally. That being said, internally I had hoped Declan would send me flowers today, because everyone knows half the fun is getting them delivered to your workplace, even though it's not truly Valentines Day. I had not dropped ANY hints about this at all, hoping he would just figure it out telepathically or something.

I had received an email at school about mid-way through the morning from my sister-in-law, Lyryn and she had told me her hubby had just delivered flowers to work for her. I was happy for her, but then my ugly inside came out. In my head I started to think, Man...she's lucky. Why hadn't my husband pulled through on the flower thing? So instead of keeping that to myself I sent my husband a short little email....

Lyryn just got flowers at work today!!! Jesse knows how this works." (regarding the 'send to work' thing)

Send. (The worst button everrrr....the point of no return.....)

I knew I shouldn't have said anything. But I had done it. I was that horrible significant other...ugly on the inside, only caring about myself. Ick. I hate this person. I can't believe I sent that to 'rub' it in his face that he had forgotten....
Or so I thought.

He gently wrote me an email telling me to check the office at the school I teach at after lunch (because I
teach in two buildings).

It hurt. Not only had I ruined a beautiful thing my husband had done for me all by himself, with no poking or prodding, or me telling him to send them friday instead of saturday...I felt like a jerk. The biggest jerk ever.

I didn't have true beauty on the inside. I was that girl. I'm lucky enough to have someone and I acted like this. Ew. I was even disgusted with myself.

My husband is sweet, so he graciously accepted my apology. But, this was a lesson for me today. I have a
lot to work on.

I'm not truly beautiful (yet)....but these flowers sure as heck are.

Happy Valentines Day.

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  1. Think of this as a good thing. You'll never do it again because you know your husband loves and thinks about you. One day, you'll look back at this and laugh!

    You weren't ugly, you were a woman that wanted affirmation that her husband knew what you liked. And he came through!

    He did a great job, the flowers are beautiful!