Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Daddy gets home...

Because of my lovely job as a teacher, I am always home by 4 in the afternoon. I get home, let Mac out, and I do whatever needs to be done-whether it prepare dinner, clean up, laundry, master's work, watch Oprah, check email, etc...

Mac hangs out with me, playing around with chew toys and bones.

Every night though, around a certain time...we wait for Mac's Daddy (haha, Mac Daddy!), and my hubby to get home so we can start the evening festivities of dinner, catch-up time, tv time, and play with Mac time. He is normally sitting on the couch behind me on his "perch"....we hear the sound of the key in the door...and it opens. Mac perks up, gets SUPER excited because OH my gosh, daddy is home (who always plays tug-o-war with him)! He doesn't run down the steps to greet him, no. He runs to the top of the steps and every-single-day he crouches down, gets really low....and Declan creeps up to meet him. Mac immediately rolls to his back for a belly scratch. Every-single-day. It is so cute. I can imagine the excitement of "daddy coming home" only gets better when it's your children waiting for him. But, for now...this has me tickled.

So yesterday, I ran over to catch the moment...

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  1. so cute! declan's such a good dog-belly-scratcher... probably why daisy loves him so much, too!