Sunday, March 8, 2009


You know? Declan and I have had a lot of experiences together in our 8 years of being together. We've been the Grand Canyon together, experienced the sadness of deaths together, gone on the Maid of the Mist under the falls together, gone to DC and art museums, had holidays together....the surface hasn't even been scratched. But, you get the point. One thing we have NEVER done together was baking a cake. What? I know, it's crazy.

So, last night we were deciding what to do with the rest of our day and Declan goes..."I wanna bake a cake with you!"

I am always up for random things. He knows that. So, I jumped up..."REALLY!?!!!!"

Off to the store we went to get supplies.

Now, don't get me wrong, we are not bakers...I leave the cake thing up to my sister-in-law, for her cakes are oh-so-heavenly and gorgeous at that. So, we grabbed a simple boxed cake, and of course it had to be Rainbow Chip. That is my FAVORITE, and every's my birthday cake. Rainbow Chip with Rainbow Chip Icing.

So, we came home and did all the mixing which takes all of like, 10 seconds. I decided to use my new Caphalon 8" rounds that I got for Christmas. When the cakes were done and cooled, we were ready to the icing. I took out the serrated knife and cut the one "dome-like" top piece off to make it flat so it could stack nicer. When Declan saw me doing this, he got strangely excited and said, "BABE! YOU ARE JUST LIKE THE ACE-OF-CAKES PEOPLE!! You're so talented!!!" Let me assure you people, he was not kidding. Because I asked, "Are you kidding?!" He was not, he meant it. He had never seen this done before, well, besides TV. So, I totally wow'ed him with my un-even slicing off the dome part of the cake skills. Then, let's talk about my icing skills...sloppy, uneven, and a crumby mess. He thought I was awesome. I felt like a cake-making-superstar. It was the ugliest cake I've ever made (out of maybe the 3 I've baked in my lifetime), but my husband was floored. I guess I must have hidden this talent from him (snicker, snicker).

Anyway, it was pretty tasty---and we won't be eating it all. It is going with us to Family Dinner this Wednesday where it will surely be devoured.

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